Enjoying Pregnancy? Yes It Is Possible

When you get that positive pregnancy test your life changes in an instant. No longer is it about me, myself, and I, it’s all about the family and the little one developing and growing inside of you. It’s a very exciting journey to be on, and one that many expectant mothers feel overwhelmed but certainly delighted about. However, once the initial surprise has taken over from the positive test, you then start to think about the next nine months ahead. It may certainly be a rollercoaster of events, emotions, and excitement. I thought I would share with you some of the tips and advice to help you enjoy your pregnancy. After all, it is pretty amazing what our bodies can do.


Think about the food you can and can’t eat

There are some pregnancy dos and don’ts, and one of the main areas these can cover is the food you can and can’t eat. It is advisable to not do specific diets during this time. Of course, there is a fairly obvious thing to consider, and that is the recommendation to no longer drink alcohol, but what foods are a big no no? There are some obvious ones such as some seafood and shark (whether you would eat that or not), these tend to have high levels of mercury which in high doses isn’t good for you or the developing baby. They also recommend you limit the amount of oily fish like salmon or even tuna to a few times a week to ensure that the levels you get in your system remain low. Other things to consider not eating are raw or undercooked eggs, raw meat or things cooked rare, liver and pate. To name a few. There is also a recommendation to lower the amount of caffeine that you drink. But, what you can eat is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, increase your water intake, and ensure that you eat well-cooked meat.

Finding out the due date and taking those all-important vitamins

It is always a good idea to make sure that the moment you find out you are pregnant that you start to take those pregnancy vitamins. The most important would be folic acid as in the first twelve weeks; specifically, this supplement can help with the development of the baby's spine and brain. Thankfully you can buy pregnancy specific vitamins and supplements that tend to have everything you need in one pill. But, another thing that can help you to get excited about your pregnancy is to work out when you are due. You can look online at a due date calculator to help you work out the day your baby could potentially be born. This is often worked out from the last date of your period, so it would be ideal if you had this to hand. However, if you are unsure seek some advice from your doctor or your midwife.


Exercise is still a possibility

You may think that exercise is a complete and utter no go area when you are pregnant but actually gentle exercise or at least remaining active is really good for you. There are plenty of ideas online, but if you are looking for inspiration right now then consider things like swimming or heading out for a walk could be an option. If you are a member of a local gym, then you may find that they have specific gym classes or sessions for pregnant ladies. It may even present itself as the perfect chance to make some friends to share the experience of pregnancy with. However, a quick look online or even on social media pages like Facebook may advise you of some local classes that you can attend for things like aerobic exercise or even yoga.

Consider what you may have to purchase

You may be a little overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to buy for your baby, but there are plenty of websites that can help you get started. First of all, consider what you might need for yourself. You will have a growing bump to think about so you may want to invest in some maternity wear essentials to keep you going. You don’t need a completely new wardrobe, but some key pieces like jeans, jumpers, or in the summer maxi dresses can be a blessing. You might also want to think about what you wear on your feet as during pregnancy some women's feet can swell. Then you have the exciting purchases like everything you baby may need for those first few months. A moses basket to sleep, some basic sleepsuit, vest and rompers to be dressed in, not to mention a few cute little outfit ensembles. Then you have a travel system or pushchair to think about, nursery furniture if they have a separate room and a car seat for that first journey home. It may seem like an endless list, which is why it is always a good idea to write lists and slowly work your way through it.


Embrace your changing body

Your body is about to go through something major, and this can be daunting for any expectant mother. Even if you have been through pregnancy before. So instead of worrying about weight gain or how you look, embrace your changing body and be proud of what it is achieving. Some women really enjoy being pregnant and seem to have very little of the hardship when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, others really struggle with morning sickness or other aspects of pregnancy like heartburn. But pregnancy isn’t forever, and in time all of what you have been through will be worthwhile. Be amazed and overjoyed by what you are doing. Many mothers actually say that after their baby is born, they miss their bump.

Be mindful of your emotions

Your emotions will be running high, and the mood swings and hormones can be lethal at times. So just be aware of the situation and even chat to your partner and close relatives about it. They will understand that you may one minute be happy and the next crying. You may be upbeat and positive one day and downtrodden and negative the next. Any pregnant or mother will tell you the emotions can be a huge rollercoaster to master, but allowing yourself to feel whatever you are feeling at any time is important. Don’t bottle it up inside.

I hope these tips and advice help you on your pregnancy journey. 

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