Here’s Why Iceland Is A Cool Holiday Destination For All

The tiny country of Iceland is no longer a hidden gem of Europe, and it now attracts around two million visitors each year. This figure is three times the nation’s population and signals exponential growth over the last 15 years or so. While a destination that regularly sees it temperature drop below zero might not seem the perfect holiday spot, it’s one that has something for all.   
Let’s take a look at some of the most common holidaymaker types, along with why Iceland should be on the bucket list.

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A cuddle and hot drink sounds like the ultimate form of relaxation for romancing couples, but the coziness of Iceland is just the start. All couples want their holidays to provide those magical sights that will never be forgotten. This is the ultimate destination.
You’ll most likely wonder “where can I see the Northern Lights in Iceland?”. Tours designed to maximize your chances of seeing the iconic natural delight are perfect for couples. When combined with a trip to the lagoon and perhaps time on a husky snow tour, you’ll treasure the trip for a lifetime.
Solo Travelers
As the two ideas above indicate, Iceland is a great place for ticking off bucket list items and enjoying adventure. Iceland is a great destination for helicopter tours over the volcanoes of Reykjavik and glaciers across the country.
Aside from those adventures, though, Iceland is a great place to meet people. The Icelandic people are notoriously friendly and accommodating, particularly to visitors. Make new holiday friends is easy, and it will take the entire holiday to a new level, not least because you’ll get a true insight of life on the island.   

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Traveling all the way to Iceland with kids does mean that you’ll need to prepare for the journey. Still, once you’ve arrived, Iceland can be a great place to visit. The sights and activities mentioned above are great while the snow creates a festive feel, particularly in winter.
The early evenings mean that you won’t be missing out on too much either when you inevitably have to come home because the kids are tired. Meanwhile, most hotels are well equipped to satisfy those family needs and cure any potential boredom. Finally, the food is pretty stunning too, although some guests do need a day to get used to it.
Iceland probably doesn’t stand out as the ideal stag or hen do venture. However, the country is home to some truly brilliant beers and alcoholic drinks. Frankly, Reykjavik is a brilliant destination for a bar crawl.
If you love sport, then the rise of Icelandic soccer is sure to provide bags of entertainment. During the season, it’s difficult to find a day where a game isn’t on. But even if sport isn’t your thing, there are plenty of fun cultural elements that are sure to make the stay more enjoyable. In addition to the other attractions mentioned above, you couldn’t ask for anything extra.

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