Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Busy Days

It has been months (and months and months) since we posted a Wordless Wednesday Link Up or even shared a Wordless Wednesday post!  What have we been up to since August?  The girls have found plenty of activities to keep them (and their parents) pretty busy!  Today, I thought I would try to get back into the Wordless Wednesday "habit"--and share a link up showing a little bit of our recent series of busy days!  Don't forget to link up your own Wordless Wednesday posts at the end of this post!  We are looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to lately!

A Season of Soccer

First it was 85 degrees.....

 ...then 34 degrees and snowing...

A Cross Country Season

...along with a Color Guard season... game performances... performances...

...marching band competitions...

A Little Irish Dance



...and time for two girls to earn 4.0's in school..

We had some busy days and now that all of the end of the season parties, birthday parties, and awards banquets are finished....we may slow down a bit..Maybe.

It's time for you to link up your latest Wordless Wednesday posts in this week's blog hop!

What Have you Been Up To?

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  1. Wow very busy I enjoyed all your photos :-)

    Have a busytastic week and welcome back :-)

  2. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week. Welcome back.

    Looks like you have been busy.

  3. Thanks for hosting this week!!!
    Great photos that you are sharing, cute girls!



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