Keeping On Top of your Garden During the Winter Months

So many of us love our gardens. We spend hours of our time tending to them: ensuring that everything is neat and in place, that our flowers or fruit and vegetables are protected from pests, that weeds are pulled, and that all of the greenery is watered regularly. But what happens when winter comes around? Well, the biting low temperatures send some of even the most green fingered individuals into hibernation. But then we’re surprised when we return to our gardens in spring and are greeted by a barren landscape! So, if you’re truly invested in your garden, it’s important that you show it just as much TLC in the colder seasons as you do during the warmer months. Here are a few ways to keep on top of your garden over the winter.

Remember to Water Your Plants and Lawn

Sure, it may rain a little more around this time of year. But you still need to make sure that your plants and lawn get a sufficient and consistent supply of H2O. This isn’t all too fun when it’s cold. You might find that your hands numb when using watering cans, or you get sprayed when using the hose. Nobody wants to be soggy in the cold. So make the job easier for yourself and invest in Hunter irrigation systems. These sprinkler systems have a far reach and can ensure that your greenery gets a nice even coverage of water on a regular basis. All while you watch contentedly from a distance. Perfect!

Invest in Evergreen Trees

Sure, flowering trees are beautiful in the summer. But you still want a touch of color to your garden once their flowers and leaves have fallen to the ground during the Autumn months. The answer? To plant some evergreen trees! These maintain their leaves during the winter and have a wonderfully traditional feel. Firs are perhaps the most popular option. But did you know there are various species of Fir for you to pick from? The most common are Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, and Nordmann Fir. However, there are also more uncommon varieties available. If you are feeling particularly festive during the winter months, you can also decorate these over the holiday period with outdoor fairy lights and baubles. This can become a brilliant feature. Especially if you plant a couple out the front of your house.

Rake Leaves or Use a Leaf Blower

Sure, the crisp leaves in Autumnal tones may look aesthetically pleasing. But if they are left over your lawn, they will cause damage by blocking light and moisture from the grass that lies underneath them. So make sure to remove them as they fall. Raking is the most cost effective method. However, if you’re easily worn out, you might want to invest in a leaf blower, as this makes the task much less time consuming and requires less physical energy.

As long as you are vigilant, your winter can remain attractive throughout the winter and will be ready for a new burst of energy in the spring!

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