Planning Your Trip to San Fernando Valley

If you are planning a trip to San Fernando Valley, you may find yourself in search of things to do while you are there. From kid-friendly activities to venues designed for adults only, there are plenty of things to do in San Fernando Valley.


Activities for the Whole Family.  
The Warner Brothers Studio allows visitors to tour the facility, allowing them to see incredibly famous sets like the one used as the coffee shop in Friends and others. This great tourist destination also paints an informative, clear picture of the entertainment industry.

The Wat Thai Temple, a Buddhist place of prayer, is open to visitors. Not only does this destination foster religious tolerance, it serves as an excellent example of Thai architecture. Those who want an even better experience may want to visit on the weekend, when the Thai food fair is open on the premises.

Lake Balboa Park, a green space hidden among the urban landscape of the city, is an excellent testament to the beauty of nature. Hiking, boat rides, picnics, wild life and cherry blossom trees are all on hand to make this location one that will be enjoyed by every member of the family.

Just for the Adults.
Visitors to the San Fernando Valley who enjoy a jazz hot spot will love The Baked Potato, a jazz club that has been open since the 1970s. Not only does this destination feature excellent live music from talented performers, patrons will find some of the most unique and tasty baked potatoes around.

The North Hollywood Arts District, affectionately referred to as NoHo, recently underwent a revitalization that has turned it into a terrific place to visit for both vacationers and locals. Bars, theaters and comedy clubs makes this destination a great place for adults who want to truly experience the vibe of the area.

Ventura Boulevard is packed with vintage stores, interesting restaurants and wonderful places to buy antiques. This entire area is perfect for those in search of period costumes, vintage clothing and other pieces of history.

Visit San Fernando Valley. Whether you have visited San Fernando Valley in the past or you are considering it for the first time, consider making the entries on this list a part of your trip. With a virtually inexhaustible list of options, anyone headed to San Fernando Valley will find something to do.  

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