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It is no secret that I love to cook my family's meals from real foods using ingredients and recipes from a variety of ethnicity and sources.   I love going on food adventures in large cities where the markets and restaurants of the city are as diverse as its residents.  While I have not had the pleasure of spending much time in New York City--I would love the experience someday.  So, when I had the opportunity to review The NYC Kitchen Cookbook--and spend some time sharing some new recipes and ingredients with my daughters--it was a must read. What did I think of The NYC Kitchen Cookbook by Tracey Ceurvels?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author or publisher for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

About the Book
In The NYC Kitchen Cookbook, Tracey shares her tasty adventures with foodie fans nationwide and explains how to use the flavorful ingredients found in NYC to make simple yet sensational meals for any occasion. Families especially can enjoy Tracey’s dedication to cooking with her young daughter (featured prominently on her website and in photos in the cookbook too), and the warm bond they share over their culinary creations.

The NYC Kitchen Cookbook draws inspiration from food stores and markets that make NYC one of the most diverse and appetizing destinations of the world. Unique ingredients and the NYC shops they're sourced from are the stars of Tracey's recipes. But even if NYC shops are miles away, ingredients can also be found in markets nationwide and online, making The NYC Kitchen Cookbook a convenient and diverse recipe guide for every day of the week, and for home cooks nationwide.

My Review
The NYC Kitchen Cookbook offers Unique and Exciting Ingredients in Flavorful Recipes.  I have always joked that my grandmother owned 6 spices--salt, pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon, chili powder,  and poultry seasoning.   While she was a very good home cook, this has never been my approach to cooking--and I have massive amounts of herbs and spices in my kitchen at any given time.  This cookbook; however, gave me the chance to learn about some of the more exotic ingredients not common in day to day life in the Midwest.  Over the past month, we have tried recipes with new ingredients such as sumac and nigella seeds.  We have made a Chermoula sauce, popular in North African cuisine.  We have used even familiar ingredients (like Earl Grey tea and cardamom) in different ways through the author's recipes.  Even if you are fairly well versed in foods of the world--you may still find a unique ingredient or a unique use for a common ingredient in this book.

The NYC Kitchen Cookbook is the Perfect Book for Foodie Families.  This book is a wonderful way to encourage families to break out of the same-old/same-old, meal time rut.  While some of the recipes sound complicate or too extravagant for a Wednesday night dinner--readers will be surprised by how simple, yet flavorful, they are to prepare.  The author blends a nice mix of easy, make ahead--even some slowcooker prepared-recipes along with some more time consuming ones.  This book is a great way for families to experience new flavors, learn about other cultures and new foods without traveling to a major city or to a far corner of  the world!

Are the Ingredients Pricey or Hard to Find Where you Live?   I am fortunate enough to live near a larger city.  While I do not have the shops and neighborhoods of NYC--I do have some well-stocked markets and specialty food shops within an easy drive.  I found all of the ingredients needed for the recipes I tried without too much trouble.  If you live in a small town/rural area--you may need to travel to a nearby city or order online. The book offers suggestions and resources for locating ingredients and supplies.  Some of the ingredients are a bit expensive--especially if you are buying all of the spices and pantry staples for each recipe.  However; I found that I only needed to buy a few extra ingredients from my usual ones for each of the recipes we tried.

Would I recommend The NYC Kitchen Cookbook by Tracey Ceurvels?  I loved this cookbook because it really takes its readers to the streets of NYC.  Rather than being a cookbook featuring just Mediterranean or African foods--this book offers a little bit of everything.  Just like the diverse streets of NYC.  We have enjoyed making and eating the recipes as a family.  We have shared some newly discovered ingredients with friends and family--and plan to share more.  If you enjoy food--and enjoy a variety of ethnic flavors--this is the perfect book for your kitchen.  I know that it is sometimes risky to invest time and money into new recipes with unfamiliar ingredients--but, we have enjoyed every recipe we've tried from The NYC Kitchen Cookbook.

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Meet the Author

Tracey Ceurvels is a food and travel journalist and the creator of popular cooking and lifestyle blog The NYC Kitchen. She has been published in the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, Relish, and Time Out, among other places. Tracey resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her daughter, Sabrina. Visit her at  

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