Top Destinations For Whirlwind Vacations

If you’re trying to plan a vacation and you’re running out of places to visit that you haven’t seen before then you might not be looking hard enough. Like most travelers, you’re probably thinking of all the iconic cities and landmarks around the world that you’ve yet to see, but there’s so much more to the world than that. You don’t necessarily need to travel to some obscure town in some obscure part of the world you’ve never heard of or know nothing about, but there are certainly more fantastic tourist destinations in the world than London, Paris, or Berlin. Here are some of the top destinations for whirlwind vacations.

The land down under is a beautiful place to visit. It’s also immensely vast and diverse. Composed of both stunning natural scenery in the desert-like landscapes of the Outback and contemporary high-rise skylines in the coastal cities which are famous worldwide, Australia is a country with a lot to offer. Cities such as Sydney obviously have iconic landmarks such as the Opera House on offer; not only is it a fantastic visual spectacle but it also hosts some of the best entertainment in the world.

Of course, as fascinating as the urban areas of Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth may be, you might be looking for something a little different out of your vacation. The famous Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast is something well worth visiting. As we’ve suggested before, you should go diving in this area if you get the chance because the sea-life and fantastic underwater kingdoms you’ll see will definitely give you some perspective into the importance of protecting our planet.

If you go traveling for a dose of adventure then Peru is the country you need to visit. It’s an absolutely stunning place and it should be a priority on your exploration bucket list. You might have been focusing on finding destinations to visit that had a lot to offer in terms of contemporary culture and shiny tourist attractions but perhaps you need to take a step back in time. The best places to see in the world offer not only contemporary culture but ancient culture. And the ruins of cities such as Machu Picchu are visually mind-blowing spectacles which transport you back to another time. You might want to check out sites such as if you want to go on a tour of such ancient cities. There’s really nothing quite like exploring a forgotten piece of civilization.

Northern Ireland.
If you’re planning a visit to the UK then remember that there’s a lot more to this united monarchy than London. And there’s also a lot more to the UK than England. Hop over to the island of Ireland if you want to experience an entirely unique culture. In particular, you should visit the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland because it’s a travel experience that’ll blow you away. As mentioned over at, this city is really growing into something special with contemporary improvements such as open-air bars and art venues. Natural spectacles such as the Giant’s Causeway are also well worth seeing whilst you’re in Ireland.

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