Endless Sunsets: How To Chase The Sun Around The World

Winter is nearly here and the dark nights and cold weather can be depressing. But, that is the rub because there is no way to stop physics. Sadly, the Earth revolves around the sun and it leads to changes in the season. But, what if there was a loophole? Yes, sitting around means you will experience all four seasons, but being proactive allows you to chase the sun. Seriously, travelers do it every year with varying degrees of success.

To make sure your jaunt around the world is a hit, you have to understand the basics. Because A Mama's Corner of the World is nothing if not helpful, here are the things to consider.

Northern Vs Southern Hemisphere.  Whichever side of the world you are from or prefer is irrelevant. The way the seasons work is that they switch depending on the hemisphere. Now, in the US, it’s autumn and about to go into winter. So, in the southern countries of the world, it’s spring and summer is on the way. Therefore, anyone who is looking to go on vacation now should focus on solely on places such as Australia and South Africa. But, also remember that these nations get cold winters so need avoiding in June and July. All you have to do is work out which season is happening and choose the corresponding hemisphere. It sounds a little confusing but it’s easy once you get the gist!

The Subcontinent. Not to confuse matters, but there are other alternatives. Places such as India and Southeast Asia generally don’t have seasons. To them, it’s either dry or wet, and the wet season is still warm and humid. So, if making a decision is difficult, you can pick a country in the Middle East or an exotic part of Asia. African countries nearer to the equator also have a similar climate which makes them great alternatives. Just be wary of traveling to a country which suffers from some extreme wet weather. The air may be thick and humid still, yet the flash floods can sweep you away. Better to be safe than sorry and wait for the clouds to blow over before visiting.

Weather Report. Just because a particular place tends to have hot summers doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee. What with global warming, the weather around the globe is changing and changing fast. One minute the sun can bathe the resort in sunshine and the other the clouds can spit out inches of rainfall. Now, there is no way to tell the weather because it is unpredictable. However, the weathermen and women at reputable organizations do a pretty good job. If they say there is going to be low temperatures, the odds are high that they are correct. So, it’s always best to check the local weather report for your desitnation before booking or flying to make sure. It’s that quick and easy that there is no excuse.

Apparel. Of course, shorts, t-shirts and long sleeved sundresses are essential summer items. Seen as you will spend most of your time on the beach, they shouldn’t leave your suitcase. Still, certain cold weather clothes are vital, too, as it’s impossible to chase the sun all of the time. And, let’s face it – you don’t want to be in a snowstorm wearing flip-flops. With that in mind, make sure you pack practically just in case the sun doesn’t play ball. A warm winter coat is always an excellent accessory, as is a hat and gloves combo. Don’t forget a pair of jeans, also, because the tight denim traps hot air and jeans are flexible even in warm conditions.

Cut Costs. Not to burst your summery bubble, but moving from place to the next is expensive. So, without an extensive budget, it is going to be hard to cover the costs. However, it isn’t impossible. The first thing is to monitor flights to your destination and then watch for fluctuations. When the prices drop, don’t be afraid to seize the day and book the tickets. Alternatively, an around the world pass is an option. Although it is a lot of money upfront, the overall cost is quite low when you factor in the number of flights. Next is accommodation, which doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top. A private room in a hostel may even suffice for a couple of nights. Finally, don’t make any unnecessary purchases. Due to the fact you are on an extended vacation, you can’t treat yourself every day.

Now that you know how, what’s stopping you from enjoying summer all year long?

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