Wager's Price Soulkeepers Reborn Book Spotlight & Guest Post from Author G.P. Ching

This morning, we have the pleasure of hosting a guest post from G.P. Ching as she shares her thoughts on the 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers!  Check out her post and learn about her new book, Wager's Price, Volume 1 of the Soulkeepers Reborn series!

G.P. Ching’s Favorite Things

Christmas is just around the corner, a time for love, a time for cheer, a time to find the perfect gift for the book-lover in your life! I am here to help. My world is books. When I’m not writing books like my latest release, Wager’s Price, I’m selling them, and when I’m done selling them, I’m reading them. Here are five of my favorite things to make your favorite book-lover’s season bright!

1. A Candle from Frostbeard Studios!

There’s nothing quite like adding the element of smell to your reading experience, and with the delightful and unique scents at Frostbeard Studios ( you’ll take your reading to a new level. With scents like Oxford Library, Bookstore, The Shire, or my personal favorite, Christmas at the Burrow, there’s something for every reader on your list.

2. These Pants, Ladies!!!

There’s nothing like spending the day in bed reading, only us readers need to go out into the world to do things like grocery shop or work or even pick up kids. Feel like you’re still in your pajamas even when you’re reading around town in these pants from Liverpool The Madonna legging is super stretchy, comes in a variety of colors, and the substantial fabric wears like a dress pant. I have several pairs and recently wore them on a twenty-four hour bus trip. Completely comfortable and no wrinkles. And unlike most leggings, the back pockets are perfect for holding your phone. I love them.

3. A Literary Mug

Nothing goes better with a book than a hot beverage. Pour your coffee, tea or hot cocoa in a mug that celebrates your love of reading. My personal favorite is this marauder’s map mug from Universal Studios ( Also a great option, this Shakespeare insults mug ( from the Literary Gift Company, although I must say the volume of coffee this second one holds is lacking. It’s on the small side.

4. This Embosser

I have a confession to make. I buy books in multiple formats. I might read a book the first time in eBook form, but if I love it, I buy the hardcover or paperback. Inevitably, if I liked a book that much, I talk about it. And also, inevitably, someone asks to borrow it. But what’s a reader to do to ensure that precious book returns to roost on your bookshelf? Get this personalized embosser. It looks classy and will make it easy for you to steal your books back from your friends when you snoop through their bookshelf at their next party.

5. YOUR Favorite Book

Yes, you read that right. There is nothing more moving to me than when someone gives me a book and says, “I loved this one and thought you would too.” A gift like that is both thoughtful and helps you know a friend a little bit better. Something magical happens when two people read the same book. It’s like you’ve shared an experience together.  For a moment in time, you lived in the same world, a world non-readers have never been. You’ll always have that. Trust me, it’s the perfect gift, especially with a heartfelt letter tucked into the first few pages.

What’s your favorite gift for the book-lovers in your life?

 Meet the Author

G.P. Ching is a USA Today bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy novels for young adults and not-so-young adults. She bakes wicked cookies, is commonly believed to be raised by wolves, and thinks both the ocean and the North Woods hold magical healing powers. G.P.'s idea of the perfect day involves several cups of coffee and a heavy dose of nature. She splits her time between central Illinois and Hilton Head Island with her husband, two children, and a Brittany spaniel named Jack, who is always ready for the next adventure. Learn more about G.P. Ching and her work at

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About the Book

From the bestselling author of the THE SOULKEEPERS comes a new series about dark magic, redemption and an unusual theater with life or death stakes… Finn Wager’s luck has run out. Arrested for the one crime he didn’t actually commit, he’s forced to finish his education at an alternative school. The Revelations Institute is an upscale, private reform school with a 100% success rate. Delinquents go in and model citizens come out. But students who don’t perform to expectations disappear. And although their bodies return model citizens, their minds are hardly their own. Something evil lurks inside Revelations, and if Finn and his new friend Hope can't find a way to stop it, they’ll risk more than their lives. The repercussions could cost them their souls.

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