How To Prepare Your Home For A New Pug This Christmas

If you and your family have chosen to bring home a Pug this Christmas, and welcome them into your household; you’ll need to ensure that you have everything ready for them to settle in and get comfortable. The happier your new pup or fully-grown Pug is, the easier the training process will be, and the sooner you’ll have a well-behaved member of the family. Pugs are renowned for their bond and loyalty to their humans; they’re affectionate, playful, and love attention. Therefore, a family environment could be the perfect place for the characterful breed. As long as you and your kids are prepared to give your new dog plenty of energy, effort, and care; there’s no reason you won’t head into the new year as a well-functioning team together.

Whatever breed of puppy or dog you bring into your home; you’ll need to ensure that you’re stocked up on all the essentials and have prepared the house for a new resident. New dogs take patience and dedication; however, you can make things easier for yourself by ensuring that you’ve prepared beforehand and have all you need to take care of them. Therefore, it’s worth writing a list well in advance of picking up your pooch and heading to the vets and pet store to get the right stuff and information. The following are some ideas, tips, and help for those who are expecting the imminent arrival of a playful pug, and want to make them feel safe, secure, and happy in their new abode.

A Cozy Corner
All dogs like a quiet and dark space to relax in and pugs are no different. When they’re not snuggling up on your lap or by your feet; your pooch will need an area where they have bedding and a secure place to sleep. It’s worth investing in a crate that’s suitable for your modest-sized canine companion, so check out companies like Pet Crates Direct where you can pick the perfect little house for your new family member. Crates are also a great way to help train a pug to deal with sleeping elsewhere in the house, when and where to go to the toilet, and being separated from their favorites (you and your family).

Time And Energy
It might seem obvious, but it’s vital that the whole family are prepared to make an effort with your new pug. They’ll need exercising regularly as they are prone to weight gain, and training is also essential for this attention-seeking breed. Plenty of playing will help to stimulate your pug and wear them out enough for a quiet night’s sleep, so keep them, and the kids occupied this Christmas with dog chews, toys, and treats.

Food And Treats
Some pugs have delicate stomachs and may need a special diet, so it’s crucial that you discuss their needs with a vet. Pugs are also prone to put on weight quickly, which can affect their health and well being, so make sure they’re not overfed or given too many treats (however cute their little face might be).


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