Flying With Your Family Is Tough, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Flying with your family is tough for everyone involved. As the parents, it’s super hard for you to get everyone and everything organized. You don’t want to end up stuck at the wrong airport, or arriving for your flight just as the doors close. There are so many little and big things to consider before you get anywhere near the airport, and they’re all your responsibility.

Then, for your kids, it’s tough too. They could get bored during the journey to the airport, then bored in the airport, then bored on the plane too! Not to mention the fact they might be scared of flying or get sick on the plane as well.

You’ve got all these things floating around in your head when you’re planning a trip with your family. Sometimes, it’s enough to put you off going altogether! Well, I’m here to tell you that flying with your family might well be tough, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. I’ve got some advice and tips that I think will help you fly without stressing out so much.

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Bring Plenty Of Things For Entertainment
We all like to travel light, but it’s not always possible when kids are in the picture. A big proportion of your hand luggage will be taken up with things used to entertain everyone during the flight. Generally speaking, the more ways you can keep the kids entertained, the better!

Thankfully, with technology, you don’t need to bring along loads of different things. Older children will have their phones which act as music players, video players, and have games too. You could bring along a tablet for young children to use as well. This has pretty much got everyone sorted for most flights. Even you will have something to amuse yourself with while you fly. Personally, I enjoy playing games when I fly as it takes my mind off things and lets me relax and focus on something else. Puzzle games are my thing, and you can set your brain in motion with 1048, a neat little mobile game. If you like big strategy games, then start your adventure in FFXV: A New Empire. For kids or adults that love challenging games where you have to try and beat your score, then I recommend Twist.

For the very young members of your family, it’s always worth bringing some colouring books or little fun games for them to play too. Again, they can use the tablet at times, but I find colouring or drawing books are always a hit.

Don’t Let Your Kids Have Any Sugar A surefire way to make your children a nightmare to travel with is by giving them loads of sweets and sugary drinks for the journey. This may seem like a smart way to shut them up, but it isn’t!

In reality, all that sugar will make them incredibly hyper. You’ll have kids bouncing around in the car and running up and down the aisle in the plane. It’s honestly the worst idea you could possibly have! Sugar and children is never a good mix, let alone when you add a confined space to the equation.

Instead, give them water and snacks without a lot of sugar in. Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are an absolute no-no!

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Pack The Day Before

To avoid all the last minute stress and rushing around the house, pack your suitcase the night before you leave! It’s such an easy tip and will save you a whole lot of panic too.

My idea is to create a checklist of things you need to pack, ticking them off along the way. You should be able to pack everything and not miss some essentials like your passport! The benefit of doing this the night before is that it makes your morning easier as you don’t have much to worry about.

Plus, you’ve left yourself some time to get anything you might not have. For example, you may realize you have no toiletries that fit the allowance at some airports. In which case, you have time to go out and buy some travel versions of the products and not freak out!

As you can see, it’s easier than you think to fly with your kids and be worry-free. All you need are these three tips, and your whole experience will be a thousand times easier. Now, you don’t have to worry about going away with your family or flying with the children. Holidays can be fun once more!

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