Home Additions That Bring The Biggest Bills

You might be thinking about adding a few new additions onto your home to make sure that it is the perfect dream come true that you always hoped for. Perhaps you’re eager to explore the possibility of adding a pool to your backyard or maybe you are desperate to get some decking for your lawn. Maybe you’re eager for a jacuzzi, and perhaps you just want somewhere you can blow off some steam like a home gym. How much are these add-ons going to cost in bills and maintenance though? More often than not, it can seem like the first fixed cost is the greatest financial issue but it isn’t. Really, what you should be worried about is the pesky costs that come later so let’s look at a few and perhaps even think of some ways that we can reduce these costs down to size.

Your New Olympic Swimming Pool


This one is going to cost a fortune if you’re not careful and you don’t want that. Particularly when the pool itself might have cost you an arm and a leg to begin with. On average, built in pools will cost at least half a 100K which isn’t a great start when it comes to costs. On top of that, there’s cleaning bills, freshwater and general repairs. This can result in your new pool costing hundreds in bills each month. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you invest in a pool cover. We know, it seems counterproductive, spending more money to save money but it really does work particularly if you get one of the best pool covers. You’ll find that since less dirt gets into the pool, it needs to be cleaned far less often, cutting bills right down for you. Do be aware though that investing in a pool is always going to be costly no matter what.

That Awesome Extension

The problem with an extension on your home is that you might be investing in an area of your property that has a flat roof. A flat roof is going to lead to issues because it’s difficult to insure. So, you might find that you need to take out a different coverage for this part of your home over others to pay for issues with maintenance and repairs. Why are flat roofs more expensive to insure? Well, this is to do with the quality of the build. Unfortunately, a lot of flat roofs aren’t built to high-quality level and therefore are far more likely to sustain damage. So the best advice we can offer here is that you make sure that you use a professional contractor for your extension to avoid heavy costs in the future.

Fun In The Jacuzzi

Or finally, perhaps you’re thinking about adding a jacuzzi to your home. It’s not a bad idea, you might love soaking in what is essentially a deep, bubbly bath. But maintenance can be a killer. Similar to a swimming pool these need to be cleaned regularly to avoid them becoming a nasty, unpleasant pit of stagnant, filthy water.

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