Summer Fast Forward: Planning And Prep For Family Time Ahead

Winter is in full swing, but before long the glimmer of Spring and summer will soon be upon us. If you have kids, as soon as the weather starts to dry up a littler and get warmer it is the perfect chance to get them out in the garden, have some fun while learning at the same time. I’m going to talk about both types of activities. You can either get your kids into gardening, or you can set up your garden as a fun play area, encouraging children to be more active.

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Gardening With Kids
If your little ones are young, you may think that there is not much they can get involved with when it comes to gardening. But once they’re properly dressed for the garden, there is actually quite a lot of activities you can get them interested in. For instance, you might be planting some flowers in newly raked soil. Now, your kids might be too young to be interested in planting seeds, and there is always the worry they will eat or lose them. But what all kids are fascinated by are bugs and creepy crawlies. When you rake soil, all these little beasties can be found at the surface, and you can show them to your kids, to get them used to the outdoors. If you like, you can also buy them small garden tools so that they can help you too--even if they do make a bit of a mess.

While you are out in the garden, you might also like to try getting your kids interested in growing their food. You can buy plants online that will grow into fruit trees so that you can harvest strawberries and blueberries. In fact, you can get lots of different fruit plants that I bet you never thought you’d see growing in your backyard. Kids will find these a lot more interesting than just the vegetables they hate seeing appear on their dinner plate.

Playing Outside
Of course, failing that, you can always just turn your backyard into a fun-filled activity play area. There are so many ways you can incorporate sports in your garden. From having a basketball net placed on the wall and investing in some amazing custom basketball uniforms for the whole family, or even setting up cricket, baseball, or a general exercise area where running and jumping can be enjoyed. If the weather is hot enough you could also purchase a paddling pool and maybe a slip and slide if your kids are a little older. Just lay it down, add some water with a touch of washing up liquid and watch them go flying. It will keep your kids entertained for hours, especially during those warmer months and long school holiday periods. Then when they day is over, stay outside and cook a delicious barbecue for everyone.

I hope that these two ideas have inspired you to make more use of your outdoors areas, enabling you to plan and prep for the warmer months ahead. If this last year is anything to go by, it will be here before we know it. 

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