How to Create a Gratitude Jar or Journal for the New Year

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For me, it is the start of the New Year--and time for me to set some goals in my little corner of the world. If you are a reader, you know that I chose a 2018 word of the year--and it was Mindful. Once I had my word of the year--I moved on to create my vision board and a weekly action board to help me reach the various goals in my life. A priority for me was to be more mindful--and more present--in my days this year. One of my first week's actions was to create a gratitude jar or a gratitude journal to help me keep the positives of my (sometimes-not-so-positive) days in perspective. Today--I wanted to share some thoughts on creating a Gratitude Jar or Gratitude Journal for you to use to note your daily reasons for thankfulness in your life.

Materials Needed for a Gratitude Jar
Canning Style Jar with a Lid (I opted for a Pint Sized Canning Jar)
Printed Label, Photos or Stickers to Decorate the Gratitude Jar (I used a simple printed paper label)
A Stack of Paper Strips for Daily Writings
Tape, Hot Glue or Adhesive Strips

Instructions for Creating a Gratitude Jar.
Choose a photo that speaks to you.  I visited Pexels.com and chose a royalty free photo of a sunset over the beach with a heart drawn in the sand.  One of my best memories (aside from marrying my husband and the births of my children) was of the girls drawing in the sand and building sand castles on the beach during a spring trip.  I loved this Pexels photo and the colors of the image I selected

Create a Label for your Gratitude Jar.   I went to Canva.com and chose to create a tag with my account.  I pulled the photo into the tag, adjust the position and added text in various heading sizes in white.  I printed the tag, cutting out extra white space around the tag to make it appropriately sized for my small jar.  Measure your jar and size the image and cut-out white space accordingly.  Tape or glue the printed label to the jar.

You may download the tag I created here or click below to try out Canva Pro for more options!

Cut Strips of Paper for Writing.   I cut strips of paper from scrap computer paper--roughly 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches.  I decided to write the date on one side of the paper and my daily thoughts of gratitude on the other. 

Materials Needed for a Gratitude Journal.  This is much easier.  You simply need to find a small, writing journal that you like and intend to use for your Gratitude Journal and a writing pen.  I chose the Dusky Meadow Journal for one of my girls last year.   I purchased this Gratitude Journal or another of my daughters.

No matter how you create your gratitude jar or gratitude journal, be sure to keep it in an accessible spot!  If the gratitude jar or journal and the needed pen or paper are out of sight--it is easy for those daily notes of gratitude to be out of mind as well!

Whether you opt to create a jar or a journal to hold your day's positive, happy moments--it's a nice way to reflect on the day's events and smile (in the future) at the many good things that happened over the course of the week, month or even year.

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