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Sometimes, a little sarcastic humor is just what I need on my reading list to lighten my day.  Today, I am sharing my review of Golden Gremlin, a humorous book of essays on life (from a geezer-ish, misanthropic viewpoint).  What did I think of Golden Gremlin?  Check out my review & enter to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title: Golden Gremlin: A Vigorous Push from Misanthropes and Geezers
Author: Rod A. Walters
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 228 pages
Genre: Humor
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author or publisher for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

About the Book

Written to make Dave Barry, Lily Tomlin, and Ben Stein laugh, Golden Gremlin: A Vigorous Push from Misanthropes and Geezers delivers the experience of a balanced life, and the wisdom to like most of it, and then laugh at the rest of it. What the heck, Barry lives in Miami, habitat of geezers, and Ben Stein is one. The world really needs that push, vigorous or gentle, from misanthropes & geezers, the world’s most valuable golden gremlins. Misanthropes pretend to not like or need other people, but in reality, they merely prefer their own company much of the time. Geezers, aside from that silly name, also like their own company quite well. Both share the virtue of seeing the world calmly. You get pointy bite-sized life pointers from these experienced gremlins, told in easy bite-size chunks. Laughter included in the price! Two out of three wouldn’t be bad either.
Life is good! So laugh a little at yourself on the way through these pointy essays, and that will buy your laughing at the world’s simpler parts, guilt-free.

Golden Gremlin comprises about 70 short essays bundled into six topic areas:

NATURE: boys, ugly drivers, and coffee cups in the ‘fridge.
WORDS: the real meaning of Caucasian and Genre.
BUSINESS: deafness at the economics conference, and getting on AssBook.
KITCHENS: sushi chefs, and truth about manna.
HISTORY: when Hell froze, and Attila the Honey.

Golden boy gets to be GOLDEN GREMLIN: experience overcomes certainty.
What things could possibly be more important!

My Review

The author offers quick thoughts on common daily activities.  While the author does not truly hate people and all human interraction--he does seem to enjoy analyzing them, critiquing them and criticizing them.  From annoying drivers to the environment to cell phones and more--the author shares some thoughts, tips and suggestions for the rest of us dealing with daily happenings and "annoyances".  Most of these essays will bring a smile and a sense of recognition (we have all had these things happen or know a person exactly the one(s) depicted in the author's essays!

The author's writing style and storytelling technique are a bit unique.  The essays are based on life experiences and the author's reflections on those.  Initially, I wasn't quite sure just what the book was about as a whole.  I required a few essays to settle into the author's thought processes and writing style.   Some people may not understand the author's intentions in every essay--and may not necessarily have the life experiences to relate to some of them.  Readers should expect to read slightly grumpy, sarcastic, pessimistic takes on life and our fellow humans--from an older adult.

The essays do not need to be read in one sitting.  The book is a quick, easy read and could certainly be read in a short sitting--but, the essays do not build upon one another.  I found it enjoyable to read a few of the essays every day in a few minutes of downtime or before bed or randomly choose one from different spots in the book. 

Would I recommend Golden Gremlin by Rod A. Walters?  I found humor in the author's thoughts and reflections at times.  Sometimes, there were a dots of wisdom to gain and reflect upon for the reader.  If you have ever been known to mutter, "I hate people" as you struggle through a crowded mall or battle fellow drivers on the freeway--this may be the book for you.  I enjoyed the book--but, I do think you need a special, darker sense of humor to appreciate it all. 

To read other reviews, please visit Rod A Walters' page on iRead Book Tours.

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About the Author:

Rod Walters lives and writes in upstate New York to prove he can be an all-season writer. Since he wants everybody to be all-season persons no matter her or his circumstance, his writing aims sharply toward the practical—without turning into one of those godawful do it ma’ way authors. Life, after all, is practical hour by hour. Self-described as “old enough to know better, and he probably is,” his former life as Army officer, engineer, and administrative assistant could not have better prepared him to write both light and more serious short pieces pointing to creating a balanced life. Chuckling at yourself usually makes a good takeoff, he says. Giving up having to be certain makes for a good landing, especially for one’s friends! Then again, who the heck wants to live a balanced life? Mostly everybody does. That’s why he now writes. Although many friends nudge and badger him to be a Facebook and Twitter butterfly, he tries not to spend many numbing hours a day with circular keyboard tapping. Writing works better.

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  1. I love the cover. What made you choose it?

    1. My book designer. Thank you for asking. I submitted my own brilliant idea to her, and she snorted and came up with this completely different (and better) one. The price was good, and the cover image had to be public-domain usable ("free"; "non-lawsuit bait"), and she found this old AMC Gremlin gas tank cover image. My eternal thanks--and all future business--to her. Also to you, for being curious enough to ask. This leads into one of my preachments to authors: UNLESS YOU ARE SALVADOR DALI, DON'T DESIGN YOUR OWN BOOK COVERS. EVER! Thanks again for writing me.

      "Rod Walters"



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