A Mama's Corner of the World's Ongoing Family Friendly Giveaway and Blog Contest Linky

Many of us share giveaways, contests and prize offerings to win on our blogs--and I have tried to find a way to keep a running list for my readers--but, I've been spending too much time updating and deleting and working with the lists I have used.  Today, I decided that an ongoing, family friendly linky of blog contests and giveaways is both the perfect solution for me AND the perfect way to give my readers access to, not only our site's giveaways and contests--but, contests from other blogs and websites as well!

SO--if you have a FAMILY FRIENDLY contest or giveaway on a FAMILY FRIENDLY site--PLEASE take a few minutes and link your giveaway post at the end of this post in the linky list!

If you are LOOKING for a contest or giveaway to enter--check out the list of giveaways linked at the end of this post.  I am not going to guarantee that there are no duplicate contest submissions--so; while I don't think it will be often--you may run into some contests shared below that have been posted on multiple sites (like large book tour giveaways or large brand promotions on multiple sites)...

If you are sharing a giveaway--we do need to approve your entries because family friendly seems to mean different things to different people!  If you have a G, PG, or PG-13 appropriate prize on a G, PG, or PG-13 website--we would love to share your contests with our readers! If I suspect a contest is duplicated--I may check and the entries after the first one (or two) may be refused--or deleted at a later date--so enter your links early!

Link up below!  We aren't really "big" on rules--but, we do have a few simply to make this linky easy for us to maintain and keep live for readers and other bloggers.

The Rules again...

Your prize MUST be family friendly.

Your website MUST be family friendly.  If you, every-now-and-then have a post or two with real-world, real-mom, real life, uncensored content that maybe the kids shouldn't read for a few years....that will probably be okay.  We are real people too.  IF you are generally family friendly---submit your link to your site--we'll review.  The answer is always no if you don't ask, right?  BUT.  You probably know if your site is generally not PG-13 or less, right?

You MUST include the contest END DATE in your entry.  Example:  03/05/18 MUST.  MUST.  MUST.  If you don't include an end date--your link will not be approved.

If your Contest is NOT open worldwide--please note that!  Example:  US, CAN,  US/CAN, UK, etc.

We will share random contest links from participating sites throughout each week--and expired contests and giveaways will be removed weekly.

Link up and Enter! 

The Disclaimer. We are offering this link up as a tool for readers and contest sites to find and/or share contests and giveaways online. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of listed contests--nor the manners in which they are run. We are not responsible for misdirected or undelivered prizes, poor communication with hosting blogs, or any issues that may be encountered when visiting or interacting with linked up sites. If you DO find a site linked here that is of poor character; however, please let me know so that we may moderate them better in future listings. 

If you are a site listing a giveaway--I understand that the unexpected happens.  I have had PR professionals fail to deliver prizes as indicated.  I have had a winner know that her prize may have been stolen by a neighbor.  Things do happen--and contest hosts do communicate with winners.  However; if I receive legitimate complaints from contest entrants--you will be banned from future linkups--and we reserve the right to moderate our link up entries and refuse entry based on prize/website/etc. as we deem necessary.  

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