When Do I Need French Drain Repair?

Your French drain system should work with very little maintenance required when installed correctly. It will eventually need to have pipes replaced or a potential clog removed, but this only happens every few years. Below are a few signs that your French drain might need inspecting and repaired for more efficient performance.

Effective Drainage and French Drain Systems.  Drainage around your home and your property is necessary for areas that receive abnormal amounts of rain and the natural ability for drainage is hindered by the natural landscape. Gutters placed in the home is one way to help lead water away from the foundation, but it is not always enough. A French drain system is one way to handle the removal of large amounts of water on a regular basis.

Sudden Flooding After Heavy Rains.  If your French drain has been working faithfully, your property stays clear of water pooling. The immediate experience of flooding around the house, in the yard, over the driveway, and in other areas is a clue that a problem may have developed with your French drain. You need to have the system checked.

Pooled Water in the Basement or Crawlspace. Water collection at or around the foundation, in the basement, or crawlspace is another big sign that your French drain needs inspected and repaired. Letting this problem will mean your home's foundation will suffer damage. This type of damage can cost you thousands to fix when not handled right away.

Sump Pump Quits Working.
A French drain that depends on sump pump removal of water can fail when the pump wears out. You need a professional technician to either fix the pump or replace the unit. Without this specialized drainage tool, your property can become inundated with water quickly.

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