My Prince Wears Blue Jeans Children's Book Review

With three girls and a lot of volunteer time with our local elementary school--I am always on the lookout for new children's books for girls.  I recently had the opportunity to read and review My Prince Wears Blue Jeans by Kayla Davidson.  What did I think of My Prince Wears Blue Jeans?

Children’s Book / Picture Story Book
Date Published: February 13, 2018

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I received an ecopy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

About the Book

Many girls dream of a prince from a land far away and long ago. But what about dreaming about an everyday prince? In My Prince Wears Blue Jeans author Kayla Davidson celebrates ranching life and the love between a father and daughter as she compares a traditional cowboy to a young girl’s prince. Yes, this prince really does wear blue jeans.

My Review

My Prince Wears Blue Jeans Captures a Little Girl's Love for her Rancher Daddy--Perfectly.  The author does a great job relating real life to fairy tales for little girls in this cute children's book.  Little girls often see their daddies as the perfect princes--and this book lets a little girl with a rancher/"cowboy" daddy explain what makes him her prince.  Growing up in a farming community--I was pretty far removed from the pristine, glamorous lives of princes and princesses--but, I remember feeling many of the thoughts of this little girl as a child myself!   (Not for a father, in my case; but, for a grandfather.)

The illustrations in My Prince Wears Blue Jeans Complement the Book Beautifully.  From making time for tea parties to sharing the ranch chores--the illustrator captures both the realities (and work) of farm life with the bonding opportunities of parents and children.  The consistent, natural colors mix with pastels to blend the "worlds" of the child's real-life prince with her storybook dreams.

Would I recommend My Prince Wears Blue Jeans by Kayla Davidson? I think this is a wonderful picture book for young girls, especially for those growing up in rural areas on farms or ranches.  It is a great way to encourage them to be proud of their family's hardworking days and to help them realize that "princes" (and "princesses") come in many forms and they do no all need to look like the ones on the Disney channel!   This is a great book for upcoming Father's Day story times!  

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About the Author

Kayla Davidson is wife to Travis, mother to two daughters, and author of children’s books, My Prince Wears Blue Jeans, The Ride, and Daddy’s Little Squirrel. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Angelo State University.   Together, Travis and Kayla ranch in west Texas on land which has been in their families for many generations.  In My Prince Wears Blue Jeans, Davidson celebrates ranching life and the love between a father and daughter.

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