Top 7 Summer Holiday Destinations for 2018

Looking for a hot sunny getaway this summer? Whether you want a two-week holiday or somewhere to travel and explore for months on end, we’ve got you covered. Taking a trip to any of our top 7 destinations this summer will leave you refreshed, relaxed and with a new outlook on life. Warning: you’re about to catch the travel bug and never want to come home.

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1      India
If you’re looking for a complete culture overhaul from your summer vacation, India should be high on your list. The country promises to overwhelm your senses and teach you more about the world than you ever imagined – it’s somewhere everyone must go at least once in a lifetime. Popular locations include New Delhi, Mumbai and Goa; but there is plenty of relaxing tropical coastline to be enjoyed in the south of the country, or snowy mountain getaways in the Himalayan region of the north.

2      Dominican Republic
For a more touristy, all-inclusive holiday for busy families who want a fun-packed trip all planned out for them, the Dominican Republic is the place for you. It’s dotted with resorts for people with all tastes: there’s plentiful golf courses, water parks and boat hire companies around the Caribbean island to keep everyone entertained. Chill beside the pool or beach by day and dine in the many hundreds of restaurants by night: you’ll return home well-rested and planning your next trip back very soon.

3      Indonesia
The Southeast-Asian nation of Indonesia, made up of a mind-blowing 13,000 islands, is the perfect getaway for those seeking somewhere tropical to bask in the sun. Visit the capital of Jakarta to enjoy a heady mix of cultures: including Javanese, Chinese, Arab, European and Indian; or head to the popular island of Bali for traditional temples, crystal blue waters, palm-fringed greenery and white-sand beaches.

4      Malaysia
Malaysia is a renowned vacation destination for its beautiful beaches, rainforests and mixing-pot of different cultures, including Malay, Indian and Chinese. The urban capital of Kuala Lumpur is an incredible sight to see at night, with its high-rise buildings glowing neon against clear navy skies. It’s home to many colonial era buildings, and has numerous museums and sites of historical interest for those who like to learn about new cultures while on holiday.

Traveling Mexico is a hot and sticky experience, but amazing and memorable for all who experience it. Holidaymakers there can enjoy both Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico beaches, and a diverse range of terrains including jungle, desert and mountains. Find Aztec temples, ruins and architecture throughout the country, and don’t forget to sample as much amazing Mexican food (and tequila) in its native land as possible.

6      Thailand
Visit opulent palaces and ornate temples, often set among beautiful gardens, where ever you go in Thailand. Popular tourist beach resorts include Hua Hin and Pattaya, and of course the islands of Ko Samui and Koh Pha-ngan. The Gulf of Thailand encompasses some of the bluest seas you’ve ever seen, and in-land you can find lush green forests and jungles. Thailand is the perfect destination for beach-bums who love to party: the coastal islands will be awash with young revellers enjoying their gap years. If this isn’t for you, try some of the less touristy areas like Ko Lanta Yai and Loei.

7      Singapore
Singapore’s main attraction for visitors is the Gardens by the Bay, a stunning sight to see, especially at night. They are defined by tall light-up structures that tourists love to pose for photos with. The buildings are surrounded by green gardens, rivers and bridges, complete with an indoor ‘flower dome’ and water attractions for kids to play. Besides this, Singapore is famous for its tropical climate, stunning architecture, multi-cultural towns and historic sites. 

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