Baltic Amber: Relief for Everyone

Being a mom with children who were spaced apart by several years has always been fairly easy. Each of my children are about five years apart, give or take a year. That meant that by the time we had another baby in the house, the older child had been off the bottle for years, potty trained, and officially in school. What did this mean for me? I could sleep when baby slept, I could take time to heal after childbirth, and most importantly, each of my children always felt that they got all of my attention before they started school. 

I felt those were important years for building bonds and I didn't want to spend them stretched and stressed to the max. The downfall to this age gap, however, was that they were each in a different phase of life, ALWAYS. They never lost teeth at the same time, became interested in the opposite sex at the same time, hit puberty at the same time, or moved out at the same time. I felt that I was constantly repeating phases every five years, and I was. The benefit was that I lived and learned and through making mistakes with my oldest, I was able to do better by the next child in line.
However, I was always looking for a way to solve everyone's problem without having to buy three different solutions. This wasn't always the case and sometimes I'd have to accept three solutions as my fate, but that never stopped me from trying. When my oldest hit puberty, I thought this would be a monster all of its own. We were in another universe now! My other two children were 10 and five and honestly I had just forgotten that this was an inevitable thing.
Such is life, my 10 year old was dealing with overwhelming anxiety about starting the sixth grade and a whole new school in six months, and my five year old was at the peak of a growth spurt and complaining more than an older gentleman about her back and legs hurting. It was as if my entire family was falling apart at the physical seems. How could it be that they were each in different phases an all struggling from something completely different at the same time?

I was tired of giving my children Ibuprofen every time they complained about an ache and pain and I wanted a natural way to cure my daughter's growing anxiety. My holistic caregiver had suggested Baltic amber necklaces for each one of them. This is because of the succinic acid component found in amber stones. Baltic amber, in particular, has the highest traces of this compound found in the stones today.
Succinic acid is responsible for curing headaches, muscle and joint pain, menstrual cramps, and even anxiety! It's been used as an immune booster for centuries as well, due to being rich in antioxidants. When worn, amber is heated by the body, allowing for the medicinal rich oils to seep through the beads surface and into your bloodstream. Once absorbed, it's as if you took a natural anti-inflammatory, multivitamin, or anti-anxiety medicine. 
I bought three Baltic wonder amber teething necklaces and hoped for the best. I asked my daughters to wear the necklaces and give it a few days to work. My older daughter reported back to me during her next cycle that her cramps weren't nearly as bad as they were the first several times. My middle daughter hadn't complained about being anxious in a few weeks, which was a first since the beginning of her fifth grade year. My youngest had completely forgot that she was wearing the necklace or what it was even for, but I hadn't heard her complain of growing pains in several weeks. Across the board, amber seemed to be working for all of my children and their very different issues.
We have been wearing them for a year and I honestly don't know how we would have survived without it. We have replaced our Ibuprofen with the necklaces and our family is running like a smooth machine! While they may be at different stages in their lives, Baltic amber doesn't care! Amber is natural relief for people of all ages! If your children are suffering from teething pain, growing pains, anxiety or menstrual cramps, try a natural relief that works and see why Baltic amber has been around for centuries!

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