Creatively Fresh Ways To Keep Your Kids’ Focus in 2018

It happens to everyone. We have a job to do, homework, practice, or an appointment to keep and we simply find ourselves with no energy or desire to do it. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, it happens. We cannot shrug off our responsibilities. We have to teach our children to push through when they feel this way. But, how do we teach our kids ways to focus on homework when they are tired?

Anticipate it and have a plan

You know your child better than anyone. You know how they work and how they play. You know what makes them cranky and when they are at their best. You also know that sooner or later they will face a night when homework seems impossible for them.

As soon as they start school, you should begin their training. This gives you and them enough time to find a plan that works. By setting the core values of study in their minds, they will have less trouble as they get into higher grades. However, they will grow into higher grades, and they will develop a social life, and there will be homework nights when they want to crash and burn.

Below, you will find some tips that will help them get through it. If you follow the same rules, it could help you too.


Technology is a wonderful thing. No, we are not suggesting your high schooler looks up his or her homework on Google. But, we are suggesting that they take advantage of some wonderful tools that will help them track their time, plan their week, and identify where they are losing valuable time. Allow them to get a study or accountability partner and using the tools at hand they can increase team productivity.

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Grab a Snack

Carbs give us quick energy. Fruit or juice is a great pick me up to wake you up, and give you short term energy so you can focus. Coffee is a great tool. The caffeine helps sharpen your mind. Of course, all high carb and high caffeine foods should be taken in moderation. You want to focus, not get wired, which will lead to a crash.

Get Moving!

Get your heart rate up. Jump on the treadmill or stationary bike for 10 minutes. Take a brisk walk around the dorm. Do something to get your blood moving.

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Dress Comfortably but Don’t Get Cozy

Wear something comfortable, like you would wear out for a pizza. But do not go take a shower and put on sweats or a fuzzy robe and slippers. This will tell your brain it is time to sleep.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Talk to yourself. Acknowledge how hard you are trying and remind yourself that you can and will handle it. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself.

Make Some Noise

If it is just too quiet, play some music (not soft and sleepy music) or turn on the television. If that doesn't work grab your laptop and head to the coffee shop. Get somewhere that will not allow you to fall asleep.

You will get through this, and if you are smart, you won’t have to do it too often. Just hang in there and push on. Tomorrow is always a better day.

Take Smart Vitamins

There are wonderful, and scientifically proven nootropics that stimulate your mind, improve your memory, and make you sharp. You can get them at good supplement shops or order them online. These nootropics are more effective than prescription drugs and are utilized by everyone from grad-students to CEOs. They are all natural, and they work,

You will have days when your body seems to give out before your responsibilities are finished. Prepare for it. Practice for it. You will be amazed at how bright you will shine.

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