How Can Workaholics Stay Fit And Healthy?

The modern lifestyle is so fast-paced that it has become increasingly difficult to strike a balance between a healthy life and working hours. People who are work overtime are highly likely to experience the symptoms of burnout syndrome or extreme exhaustion. Usually, it always seems that people lack the time to exercise but that is not true because 15-30 minutes of exercise is adequate for you to stay healthy. There are various ways by which you can squeeze in simple exercises that aim to improve your physique as well as maintain overall health. This is in addition to sleeping well that can facilitated by a sleeping aid for those having trouble in this area. 

The following are some insightful tips on how workaholics can stay fit and healthy.

Desk exercises
Long periods of continuous sitting can be hazardous to health. It can lead to diabetes and heart diseases. This is why it is important to break this sedentary behavior by incorporating 15 minutes of workouts. You can attempt to perform various desk exercises like chair squats, wall sits, desk pushups etc. This will rejuvenate the body, liven up the blood stream and will prepare the mind for new tasks. You do not need workout machines for this. 

Hydration at work is very important as it contributes to good health. It keeps cravings at bay and facilitates relaxation of the body. Therefore, visit the water dispenser more often at the office or carry your own water bottle. 

Night running
Running is associated with numerous health benefits. It can act as a meditative experience that calms the mind and body. Night running has its advantages compared to day running. Mainly, that your time is not limited and daily duties do not restrict you. Running tracks and centers are also less crowded at this time of day. 

Rest your eyes
You can follow the 20-20 rule which states that after every 20 minutes look at something far away for 20 seconds then proceed with your work. 

Oats are very healthy food due to their high fiber content. Fiber supports the digestive system in the absorption if nutrients and is also ideal for weight loss because it makes people feel full for long periods. You can have this in the morning at home or at the office. The food you eat has a direct impact on your mindset. Aim for foods that reduce anxiety and stress like oats.

Bike to work
Biking is an effective form of exercise. Workaholics can commute to work using a bike to stay fit. It will help to keep your heart rate up. It will burn calories and will help you to beat traffic jams. Consider it to be your sports activity since you lack time. 

High intensity interval training
This is popularly known as HIIT. It is a special method of training. It pushes the body to its limits before it can actively rest. HIIT helps with improving the ratio of fat to muscle mass, cholesterol levels, aerobic and anaerobic fitness as well as cardiovascular health. There are various HIIT exercises that can be fitted into busy work schedules. 

Take the stairs
Instead of using the elevator all the time, use the stairs several days a week. Climb the stairs in a swift pace to improve the gluteus maximus, quadriceps and calves. Taking the stairs is also good for your mental health. 

People that stay balanced at work tend to operate in a productive and reasonable way. Deep breathes help to decrease the levels of cortisol that is responsible for stress. 

Standing desks
These desks have gained popularity because they are the healthier option for typical professionals who have little time to work out. It provides the opportunity of stretching out and moving around easier. 

It is good practice to track your progress to gauge whether your efforts are working by using an app, keeping a journal or a calendar for jotting down notes. Tracking your progress and eating right are most significant regardless of the best fitness routine that you adopt for your busy lifestyle. 

The tips above are ideal ways by which workaholics can stay fit and healthy because they do not require much time and can be performed on a daily basis. These exercises and diet plans should be combined so that they form part of your daily routine. Physical activity is important to enhancing overall health, endeavor to enhance physical activity significantly to avoid the adverse effects associated with sedentary work. It may not be easy as learning to play ukulele (or maybe you will find it easier)--but it can be done.

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