Special Ed Mom Survival Guide Book Review

As parents, we want nothing more than for our children to be healthy, happy and successful in life.   Sometimes, we find that our child's strengths and successes may be different than those we envisioned--and may be different even than those of our other children.  Suddenly, families may find themselves navigating the world of special education and floundering in search of resources and guidance to help their child.  This morning, we are reviewing Special Ed Mom Survival Guide.  What did we think of this book for families?

I received a complimentary ebook copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

About the Book
“Your son’s brain function is severely abnormal. I would recommend you begin saving for his group home care as an adult.”

Any mom would be crushed by this dire pessimistic prediction, but Bonnie did not let this UCLA neuropsychologist’s edict determine her son’s fate. Combining relentless determination with research, learning and in-depth discussions with professionals, Bonnie found ways to help him progress from ‘severely abnormal’ to honor roll student. In the Special Ed Mom Survival Guide, Bonnie leads you through the vital steps necessary to survive as a Special Ed Mom. From learning how to manage the emotional overwhelm, to figuring out how to get the school to say yes, Bonnie presents a roadmap that leads you through this confusing obstacle course. Sharing tried and true methods, Bonnie teaches you to find your own inner compass so you can gain the ability and confidence to make decisions that bring results for your child. Based on personal and professional experience, Bonnie will help you to:
  • Create the Right Mindset
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Take Care of Your Child
  • Understand the Special Ed Process
  • Take Charge of the Special Ed Process
“If only I had had a guide to help me navigate all the challenges,” Bonnie says. “Then I could have focused more on my child and less on learning how to get help.” Every Special Ed Mom needs this guide to help make the journey easier!

My Review
Special Ed Mom Survival Guide is an Open, Honest Guide to Navigating Life as a Special Ed Parent. From the beginning hints and concerns that a child has developmental issues or delays--to securing the support and resources needed to help the child--the author guides parents through her family's personal journey in a very honest, open manner. Much of the book addresses the emotions and experiences families may expect to face during their special education journeys--and the author presents those emotions and experiences very honestly. She does not; however, fail to present the triumphs and joys of the journey as well.

The Special Ed Mom Survival Guide is Truly a Guide to Surviving (and Thriving) as a Special Ed Family. While the author's son's challenges may be different than the ones your family or a family friend faces--readers will find a very well organized, thorough, real look at the challenges, resources, and needs faced by both parent and child. Readers will also understand that they are not alone in the emotions and experiences they are facing. The book points out many of the harsh realities of aiding a child through the special education system (finding the right pediatrician for the family, seeking legal consultation, securing educational and support resources), it guides parents through trusting instincts and adjusting expectations--but, it also guides parents toward acceptance and hope.

Would I recommend The Special Ed Mom Survival Guide? This book lends knowledgeable support when a parent is likely to feel quite alone. From start to finish, the author offers tips and advice for parents facing every step of the special education process--but, she also offers some points to ponder at the end of each section to really allow families to make the book even more meaningful for their individual situations. I think this is a wonderful guide for families facing any sort of learning or developmental concerns with their child. While the levels of need may be different from family to family--many of the emotions, fears and details of the special education process will help guide readers or at least help them find hope and the courage to keep working toward resolutions. I highly recommend this book to any family requiring special education resources.

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About the Author 

Bonnie has spent the better part of 25 years as a graphic designer and artist. Always a lover of psychology and the forces that influence behavior, it was a natural transition for her to begin working to resolve her oldest son’s special education challenges. When he was six, a neuropsychologist said he was beyond help, and to plan for his group home care as an adult. Bonnie could not accept that nothing could be done, and she set on a path to find solutions to help her son. He is now an honor student and destined to live a typical life. Having been through the special ed system as a mom, and now as a advocate and counselor, she saw the need for support for the parents who carry this challenging burden. She has helped parents who struggle with districts who refused services, and she has coached parents in finding ways help their child succeed against the odds. Bonnie knows the fear a mother feels when her child’s future is uncertain, and that is why she chose to shift her life focus into educational consulting. She has a thriving practice as an educational consultant and advocate for parents who find themselves struggling with the special education journey. She is the author of Special Ed Mom Survival Guide: How to prevail in the special ed process while discovering life-long strategies for both you and your child. She is also the creator of Grounded for Life: 52 Exercises for Daily Grounding, and co-author of Same Journey, Different Paths: Stories of Auditory Processing Disorder. She has a masters in educational counseling and another in spiritual psychology. Her bachelors degree is in architecture. She lives in Ventura County, California with her husband, two boys and their two furry felines.

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