How to Make Traveling Affordable as Possible

Did you know that the travel and tourism industry is among the largest industries in the world? In fact, this industry is responsible for USD 7.61 trillion global economic contribution in 2016 alone.

Here’s the thing: travelling is not cheap. It entails money – from the mode of transportation to the travel itself to hotel accommodation, to the food you eat, up to those little expenses you have to make on the side. That being said, is it possible to travel on a budget without compromising the trip?

The answer is yes and here’s how:

Preparation is key

Before you make any reservations, make sure you find out everything you need to know about a particular destination you plan to go to. Find out where the locals eat, how much transportation costs and any city pass that allow you to save more, spots to see aside from the usual tourist destinations, and affordable but quality accommodations.

Preparing early means you can book flights at a cheaper cost too, especially when your scheduled trip is still months away.

Go for the low season

Here’s why: everything is cheap, especially on airfare and accommodations. There are many family beach resorts that offers deals to entice people to come even during off-peak. Plus, you get to enjoy the place because there are not too many people trying to do their own thing.
Consider checking at travel sites in booking your hotel accommodation

It is advisable to book directly at the hotel to assure your accommodation. Here’s the issue with that: it can be expensive. If you want to make travelling affordable, then you need to consider looking at travel websites because it allows you to compare prices of hotels.

Aside from this, you can also see other add ons like free breakfast, free spa services, or discounts if you stayed for more than three days. The bottom line is look for accommodations that will give you more value for your money. Or, you can try the next tip.

Look for a free place to stay

Unfortunately, there is no place on the planet that will allow you to stay for free, except your family, relatives, or friends. If you are heading to a place where some of your relatives live, then take advantage of that and ask if you can “crash” in their home. The good thing about this is that aside from a free place to stay, you are in the hands of your relatives and you can always ask for tips on where to go.

In case you don’t know anyone in that particular place, that’s fine. Check out the Internet for a free place to stay since there are some who find free bed, couch, or space they can crash into for sleep. That’s another alternative.

Look for a partner

A travel partner, that is. Having a travel buddy during trips is not only fun but also allows you to split the expenses into half (or more, depending on how many you are in the trip), thereby helping you to save more. Plus, don’t you think it’s fun as well when someone takes your pictures, especially on places that are truly Instagram-worthy?

Just make sure your travel partner will pay.

Cook instead of dine out

This is advisable if the place you rented has a functional kitchen. Eating out can be expensive, which is why aside from eating where the locals eat, consider cooking your own food as well, especially for breakfast. This will surely make travelling affordable.

If you prefer eating out, then do so during lunchtime. Believe it or not, restaurants have different rates during lunch, which is cheaper, so make sure to take advantage of that.

Use your travel rewards

Are you a credit card user? For every amount comes with a corresponding point, which can be converted in various things, depending on how many points you accumulated. Check that out since you might be eligible for a discounted stay on a particular hotel or use the points to pay for your airfare.

Know the borderline between being cheap and making the most out of the trip

This is where the importance of preparation comes in. Before you leave, research about the must-see places, check the rates, and read reviews about them. From there, you can filter which attractions you should see and which ones you should skip. It’s not everyday that you can travel, so try to make the most out of your trip (and budget).

Enjoy the simple things

Sometimes, the simplest things are the wonderful ones – sunset, sunrise, the view from your window, how the local live their lives everyday, or the sights you can see during your afternoon walks. Don’t underestimate that.

Going to a different place doesn’t always mean you have to go to the famous spots all the time. It’s those little things you don’t get to see everyday that matters most, so take advantage of them while you are there.

You know what the best part is: they are free.

With these tips in mind, are you ready to travel within your budget?

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