Keeping The Water Flowing

A fountain in a lake or pond can add beauty to the area and can also help to keep the water circulated so that it's not sitting still. There are some maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind if you have a fountain so that it will continue operating properly and so that it will maintain its appearance instead of rusting or breaking. A pond or lake fountain pump will help to keep excess water from collecting and keep it flowing through all of the hoses and other components.

Take some time each week or each month depending on how often the fountain is on to thoroughly clean the unit. A pressure washer can get the unit cleaner than brushes and a hose can, but it's not a requirement to clean the fountain. While the fountain is off, you should check for any kind of debris around the base. The debris could include leaves, sticks, or other items that end up in the lake that could impede the proper function of the fountain. Keep weeds, flowers and other types of plants away from direct contact with the fountain as they could block some of the hoses that make the fountain work.

Most fountains will last for a long time as long as they are maintained. When you're cleaning the unit, try not to push any of the wires or hoses away from the fountain as this could make it not work like it should. Avoid turning the fountain on and off unless needed. This can put added strain on the fountain that could cause it to malfunction. When the fountain is not being used, you should turn it upside down until you're ready to use it again. The oil will continue to flow through the unit and keep everything lubricated for the next time that water is flowing through.

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