Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Visiting The Blowing Rock in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

A few months ago, my husband found a rather unique tourist attraction in North Carolina.  Since we planned a North Carolina trip to Chapel Hill and Durham during Spring Break--we added a couple of days in Blowing Rock, North Carolina--with the intention of visiting The Blowing Rock.  Today, I wanted to share a few of our photos from The Blowing Rock & a little bit about the unusual destination as part of this week's Wordless Wednesday Link up.

The Legend

All great tourist attractions need a story, right?  
Blowing Rock has a Native American legend to tell.  

A Chickasaw chief, fearful of a white man’s admiration for his lovely daughter, moved her to The Blowing Rock cliffs and the care of her squaw mother. One day the maiden saw  a Cherokee brave in the woods far below and playfully shot an arrow near him. Her flirtation worked and the two fell in love. 

One day a strange reddening of the sky brought the brave and the maiden to The Blowing Rock. To him, the red sky was a sign of trouble calling him back to his tribe.  Not wanting to leave his love--but, feeling the need to return home--the brave leaped from The Rock into the forest below. The grief-stricken maiden prayed daily to the Great Spirit  for the brave's return.  One night, the sky reddened and a gust of wind blew her lover back onto The Rock to her.

It is said that, from that day on, a constant wind has blown up onto The Rock from the valley below. For many, this legend was explanation enough for The Blowing Rock’s mysterious winds which cause even the snow to fall upside down at the rock.

The Blowing Rock 

The Blowing Rock hangs over the Johns River Gorge at 4,000 ft. above sea level. Visitors will certainly notice a strong, upward blowing wind from the valley below at the rock--so much so that light objects will not fall down--but, float or return to the person dropping them. 

The Views 

The rock formations are incredible. 

 ...and the views, even on a hazy, early spring day are beautiful!

There are many cool spots for photos..

Especially with The Blowing Rock Cats..
Grover & Lena loved having their pictures taken!

Macy & Grover

Madelyn & Lena

All in all--it was a fun morning with quirky science, a Native American legend, wonderful mountain views--and a couple of photo-loving feline tour guides!

You can learn more about The Blowing Rock here.  

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It had rained and the morning was a little hazy--but, it was a great start to the day!

  2. Would love to go there! Thanks for sharing at NanaHood!

    1. Blowing Rock is a small town--but, we found great food and some "nature time". :)

  3. The Blowing Rock reminds me of The Lion King. How fun!

    1. That was exactly what I said...then it led to debate about whether it looked more like the Lion King or The Sphinx (from a different angle).

  4. I'd love to visit Blowing Rock. The vista shots are spectacular!

    Happy WW!

    1. Thank you! It was a fun trip for the geology/science lovers and the nature lovers in the family. :)

  5. This is so cool. I love hearing about unique places to visit.

    1. This is a cool find worth visiting if you are in the area! The area has mining attractions and caverns and a ton of scenic overlooks and hiking trails and we would probably go back during the summer. Winter weather and cleanup still had many roads in the area closed--but, it was a fun trip!

  6. That place is really awesome! I went once upon a time. It is a great area of the country, especially for hiking, with some really spectacular views. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week :)

  7. What a cool place. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.



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