Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Scenic Overlooks in North Carolina

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip through the mountains of North Carolina along the Blueridge Parkway during spring break.  The trip began a little rough with a snowstorm in West Virginia/Virginia and a change of plans--but, once we made it to our destination all was well!  I wanted to share a few photos from some of the scenic overlooks we visited during our trip as this week's Wordless Wednesday link up!  Check out the overlooks and share your latest Wordless Wednesday posts at the end of this post!

Grandview Overlook

 Raven Rocks Overlook

The Blowing Rock 

I shared some of our favorite photos from The Blowing Rock during a recent Wordless Wednesday post--you can check those out if you missed them! 

Yadkin Valley Overlook 

 Now it is Your Turn to Share Your Latest Wordless Wednesday Posts!

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  1. Those are some gorgeous pictures! It is such a great place to adventure. Have a great week!

  2. Fantastic photos looks quite peaceful :-)

    Have a scenictastic week :-)

  3. Great scenery for sure. We use to go to North Carolina on vacation when I was little. Burlington, North Carolina. Wonder if it's anywhere near here... hmmmmm Thanks for sharing your photos... hugs Have a great day it's lovely outside. I live right outside of Chicago... in the suburbs.

  4. Such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.



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