Wordless Wednesday Link Up: UNC Chapel Hill College Visit

Although our middle daughter is only a freshman in high school, we decided to begin college visits this year to different types of schools, different settings and regions of the country because--really--college visits require a bit of scheduling for busy families, a bit of planning--and can become expensive when they aren't an easy drive across your home state!  We also quickly realized that she could love a school on paper / online--and physically walk on campus and immediately hate it.  Completely.   Over our recent spring break, we added a few college visits during the trip and took a day to explore/tour/officially visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  We wanted to share a few of our favorite photos from the visit for today's Wordless Wednesday blog hop!  Check out UNC Chapel Hill & share your latest Wordless Wednesday posts at the end of this post!

UNC Tarheels...The Mural

Okay.  I know that UNC has a ram as a mascot....but, the whole "Tarheel" phrase has been lost on this Ohio, this trip was also a learning adventure....I knew that, long ago, the term "tar heel" had a negative it was a term associated with the poor (usually enslaved) working in the naval stores in the mid 19th century who often had a rosin/tar residue on their heels from manual labor in their daily work environment.  This negative perception turned around when Zebulon Vance, during the Civil War, addressed his North Carolina troops as "fellow Tar Heels".  UNC took on that North Carolina Tar Heel pride....and wanted a adopted the battering ram based on the way Jack Merrit "battered" and pushed through the lines as a fullback.  The battering ram was accepted as their mascot.

The UNC Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is visible from much of the campus--and has been one of the campus' features since the 1930's.  


The girls took a minute to pose in the tower arches...

The Old Well

I think this structure is the best on campus.  Over the years, the university has erected a drinking fountain and monument over the well site commissioned on campus in 1795.  The students even tell of a legend that says that if you drink from the old well on your first day of classes, you will earn a 4.0 GPA.  

Our tour guide said he wasn't willing to doubt the legend and gave it a long drink on his first day of classes.  Just in case.  He ended the grading period with a 4.0....but, he may have studied and worked pretty hard along the way!  

We have only visited a handful of schools--but, so far, UNC is in the running!

Have a wonderful week & don't forget to link up your favorite Wordless Wednesday posts!

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  1. Exciting time. We are in the similar position - different country.

  2. Lovely photos! Sounds like an interesting trip. That ram mascot is beautiful.

  3. I remember doing those with my kids. What a lovely place. I would love to visit UNC. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.



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