Before Renting A Car

There are numerous reasons as to why you might want to rent a car or why you might need to rent a car, such as when you go on an extended vacation or when your personal vehicle is being repaired. Before you rent a car southern California companies offer, there are a few mistakes that you want to avoid that can save you a good bit of money. Some of these tips can also save you time that you would otherwise spend at a rental counter instead of being behind the wheel of your car.

Understand the Extras.
  One of the things that car rental companies don't usually tell people who rent a vehicle is that you don't really need all of the extra bells and whistles that are offered. You don't need a car seat as long as you have your own if you have young children. You can use your own full-coverage insurance policy instead of purchasing their coverage. Another extra fee that they might try to talk you into getting is navigation. Unless you have no idea where you're going or you don't have a phone that has GPS on it, then you don't need to pay this extra charge.

Book the Rental Online.  As long as the rental company has a website, you can make the reservation for the car that you need online instead of going to the company to make the reservation. This step can save about 15 minutes because the only thing that the rental company has to do is pull up your reservation number and confirm your information when you pick up the vehicle. Try to avoid renting a car from an airport because there will usually be additional charges. Get the small est car possible instead of getting something larger because the rate will be cheaper, and try to rent during the week instead of on the weekend when rates are higher.

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