Do you Have the Missing Type this Summer?

School is out for summer, and the not-so-lazy-days of summer break are upon us in our little corner of the world!  Like most of you, we are busily planning road trips, opening the pool, scheduling pool parties and barbecues, booking a trip to the beach--and juggling a ton of summer camps for the kids and volunteer time.  While it sounds like we have a full summer in the works--something may be missing.  Did you know that life-saving blood donations drop by nearly 20 percent in the summer months? While blood donations may decline; patients continue to need blood transfusions during our active summer months! Today, I wanted to talk about the importance of donating blood--and remind everyone to try to find some time to add a donation visit to our busy summer schedules!

What's Missing? 

What would happen if the letters A, B, & O disappeared from our keyboards & our text screens?

Without A, B and O--literally nothing would be the same! 

We couldn't spell any of our favorite summer fun words with the letters A, B, and O!





?E?CH  ??LL


The Same is True for Blood Donations

Blood Types A, B, AB, and O are all needed--every day.  Every single one. Blood donations save millions of lives every single year--from newborn babies and pregnant mothers to cancer patients and patients living with a variety of health conditions.  While many of us think accidents and natural disasters create the greatest need for donated blood; many people require frequent transfusions to survive chronic illnesses and life-threatening medical conditions as well.

These two little wonders would be missing from this photo without the life-saving blood donation my mother received nearly 50 years ago!

Did you know...
  • Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion from donations
  • One in 7 people entering the hospital requires a blood transfusion 
  • One whole blood donation has the potential to save 3 lives
  • You can donate blood every 56 days--up to 6 times each year
When our local hospitals and blood centers run low on certain blood types--that shortage could mean the loss of life in certain parts of the world.

Last year, I shared my mother's blood donation story.   She was hit by a car as a toddler and required blood transfusions to survive.  Her blood type was missing from her hospital at that time. My grandfather was able to donate to her.  His blood donation saved her life.

When our local hospitals and blood centers run low on certain blood types--that shortage could mean the loss of life in certain parts of the world.

Let's Vow to Have No Missing Letters (No Missing Blood Types) This Summer! 

We NEED our As, our Bs, our ABs and our Os!

These letters should never disappear from either our language or from our blood donation centers and hospitals! 

As we are scheduling away the minutes of our summer--I have scheduled in some time to visit a local blood donation center.

What can you do to help fill in those missing letters this summer?
We encourage you to join this effort this month!  This summer is bound to be full of fun and excitement--but, remember--

What's missing? We don't have enough As, Bs, ABs, and Os.  Blood donations drop about 20% during the summer, which is why we need your blood type!  Take a step to donate at
Find a blood center near you and schedule a life-saving donation!

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