Deadly Payload Book Spotlight

This morning, we are featuring a thrilling mystery from author Karen Randau.  Deadly Payload is Randau's 4th novel in her Rim Country Mystery series.  We love mysteries in our little corner of the world and, you may remember that we recently featuring the Tawnee Mountain Mysteries--which also included Deadly Reception, a novella from Randau.  You can check out Deadly Payload, learn about the author and her work in today's book spotlight!

About the Book

A deranged war vet. A poisoned community. A conspiracy with far-reaching implications. Karen Randau pits Rita Avery against lethal forces determined to keep her from discovering how Cliff and their entire community fall ill from an unidentified pathogen in Deadly Payload: Book Four of the Rim Country Mystery series.

Dead birds rain down as Rita, her daughter-in-law, and her granddaughter arrive at the park for a picnic. An unhinged war vet with a severe case of PTSD jumps into Rita’s car raging about a
walled in park, being found, and not drinking the water. Rita hurries home, finds her gravely-ill husband and son, and calls for an ambulance. None is available because hundreds of townspeople are sick.

As her family nears death, Rita races to find the pathogen and how it was spread. She
discovers that the attack on her peaceful town was practice for a national strike ... and she
must stop it before it’s too late.

Murder and partnering with a homeless war vet named Crazy Mary — this isn't how Rita
planned her family's visit!

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Meet the Author

 Karen Randau started writing as a way of life as soon as a teacher taught her to print Run Spot Run. She received a degree in journalism/public relations from the University of Texas at Austin, and had a career that spanned the industries of high tech, mental health, and nearly three decades at Food for the Hungry. Later, a seed of an idea turned into her debut novel, Deadly Deceit, the first in the Rim Country Mystery series, published in June 2016. The series now also includes Deadly Inheritance (January 2017) and Deadly Choices (July 2017).
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