How To Make Memories With Your Children

One of the most important parts of parenting is to ensure that our children have a childhood that they can look back on fondly. This will set them up for adulthood, and allow them to be good parents themselves. It’s important, therefore, to make wonderful memories with our children; here are some lovely ways to do that and give them something to remember for all the right reasons as they get older. 
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Read Together
Reading together is something that can form a beautiful bond between a parent and a child. This can start from as early as possible, and include bedtime stories. Getting into this routine is a good idea because even if you are both busy throughout the day, at least you will have your 10 or 15 minutes in the evening to read together and perhaps have a chance to talk about your day. As the children get older, you may also enjoy reading your own books silently together. Although you aren’t talking, this is still a lovely way to pass the time.

Conversations in which the parent both talks with and listens to their child are essential for creating wonderful memories. Many discussions that parents have with their children are about giving instructions, and that’s not quite the same thing as being able to have a proper chat with your children about how their day has been or what they want to do when they are older, for example. Encourage them to speak out and articulate their thoughts and feelings and this will not only give them warm memories of their childhood but will help them as adults too.

Do Things Together
Although you don’t need to head out every weekend to some new activity or other, it is a good idea to do this every now and then. Perhaps once a month, or every other month, you can take an entire day and go out together to do something new or explore somewhere different. Don’t spend the whole day taking photographs as that will take away from the enjoyment somewhat, but do take some so that you can have a reminder of what you did; these parent and child days together are so important. Remember to back your photos up to avoid any loss, as losing important photos such as these can be traumatic, although there are companies such as Secure Data Recovery who can help should anything go wrong.

Eat Together
Eating together at the table with no screens can be difficult sometimes; everyone is so busy with their own lives, and whether it is school or work, there is always a lot to do. However, making time to sit down together to eat a meal is important and will create lovely memories. You probably won’t be able to do it every day, but two or three times a week is better than nothing. It will give your child good memories that are centered around food and family.

Show Affection
Simply hugging your child, holding their hand, telling them you love them, or giving them a kiss is enough to make wonderful memories with your children. These are the things that they will remember as they get older – these signs of affection are what they will feel is most important, and they will want to show their own family these things too. Even if they don’t go on to have children, growing up and knowing they are loved is essential to someone’s overall well-being.

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