3 Great Shoes Every Mama Should Have in Her Closet

A mother’s lifestyle, while so often rewarding and joy-filled, can be one of last-minute errands, early mornings, late nights, and generally busy schedules. Its fast-paced structure and necessary versatility calls for both convenience and confidence, which can be exhausting without the right resources to hold you up. How you feel is imperative to how you perform, and how comfortable you are in your own skin directly correlates to not only your productivity, but how happy you are to do what needs to be done. Therefore, shoes that promote both sensibility and style are extremely important, and a vital necessity to anyone’s closet—mothers especially. To that end, here are 3 great shoes every mama should have in her closet. 
Mother in Running Shoes and Child Reading on the Floor
Running Shoes

It’s only natural that running shoes are extremely effective for any on-the-go lifestyle. As a perfect accessory for any set of casual clothes, they will provide the needed support for running errands, driving around town, standing for prolonged periods of time, or working out at the gym. Comfortable and stylish running shoes can be found at a large variety of stores due to their high-demand and versatile wear.

Many running shoes come in a large selection of colors and styles for both fit and fashion, making it very accessible to find what works best for you. In fact, brands will often market their shoes for how they were intended to be used, whether that be for training and gym-use, running, or lifestyle. 


You should never be without shoes for a special occasion, regardless of your occupation, day-to-day schedule, or anything of the sort. Everyone can have a special occasion, and every special occasion can be made even more prominent by the value you invest in it. Pumps in particular (or kitten heels for more reserved individuals or circumstances) are an ideal fashion item to don at any semi-formal event.

A varied selection of Italian Shoes Womens styles can be found online or at any other personally known shoe store, as this genre of shoe is one of the most diverse as far as style and material. After all, heels come in a vast array of designs due to the numerous situations in which you can wear them, and seldom does comfort need to be sacrificed. Many heels can be multi-purpose, whether for wearing them to work, a cocktail party, a brunch date with friends, or a graduation ceremony.

Whether the look or the height, heels are phenomenal shoes to have in your closet for the days that need more of a kick. In times of desired self-confidence boosts, the sound of clicking down a hallway or the feel of an extra sway in your hips is sure to do the trick of unabashedly asserting your presence. 


Flats are the most classic of shoe styles, as they convey a sense of effortless elegance and an ability to be worn nearly everywhere. Especially in times of meetings, appointments, or any casually personable function, flats are easy-on, easy-off, and they are beautifully paired with any day outfit. Flats are typically preferable when the day is more socially demanding than it is physical, as they’re modest, relaxed accessories that emanate the impression of having the time for anyone you may see.

When walking around the house, flats are least likely to track in anything from outside, and they can disguise the fact that you may be leaving for an obligation sooner than it appears. Their wearable design is ideal for spending time with friends, parent-teacher conferences, or completing any last-minute chores.

In short, taking care of your physical self is the first step to taking care of your mental self. How you claim your comfort and fill your closet is in direct relation to your environment and, furthermore, lifestyle. Being able to maintain your sense of comfort will only improve what you can do for yourself as well as everyone around you.

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