3 Ways You Can Keep Your Dog Safe While You're At Work

If you’re at work for the full day, and no one else is at home, then you tend to worry about your dog. I’m pretty sure experts say that you shouldn’t leave them alone for more than a couple of hours. They could do anything without you realizing, which could lead to problems for their health - or issues in your home!

Thankfully, there are ways you can keep your dog safe while you’re at work. Below, I’ve come up with some of the best ideas, and you can either use all of them or just pick one or two to keep your dog safe and sound.

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Keep Dangerous Food Out Of Their Reach

Dogs are inquisitive animals, and they’ll always look to eat or chew on anything they can find. Sadly, there are many things a dog eats that aren’t good for them. Therefore, if you leave things lying around the house, they will very quickly eat them and get sick. As such, make sure you keep anything potentially dangerous well out of their reach. But chocolate in the fridge or locked away in cupboards. Any other foods should also be put up high so your dog can’t get at them. This stops them from accidentally munching on something that causes a lot of pain.

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Get Someone Else To Look After Them

Just because your whole family is out, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t look after your dog. Here, you’ve got a couple of options; get a friend/family member to come by and check up on them, or put them in a puppy day care service while you’re out. There are pros and cons to both - daycare services guarantee your pup is well looked after, but they cost more than just asking a friend to pop their head in and feed your dog. If you’re lucky and have family close by, then they might take the dog during the day while you’re at work, which would be the perfect solution.

Contain Them In One Area Of Your Home

As I said, dogs are inquisitive beings, and they like to run around a lot and just look at lots of stuff. They’re not like cats, who can pretty much just sleep all day with ease. So, your dog could easily run amock in your home and put itself in danger, or create problems for you. The best thing you can do is section off parts of your home with doggy gates, so you contain them in one area. This could be one room, two rooms, or the whole of the downstairs area. The purpose is that they’re restricted in where they can go. So, any trouble they do cause is limited to that area, and there’s less chance of them hurting themselves.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, you can use all three of these tips, or just one of them. It all depends on how long you’re out of the home, and how unsafe it is for your dog to stay unsupervised. At the end of the day, they’re all great tips that can keep your dog out of harm's way.

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