Grow Your Home To Suit Your Family

When you first bought your home, it probably seemed perfect- you had the right amount of space to suit your needs at the time. However, fast forward a few years when you have children and pets it can be a completely different story, and your once spacious feeling home is now cramped and chaotic where you’re running out of room. While moving is always an option, there could be plenty of reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to do this. Perhaps you’re close to good schools, nearby to friends and family or just don’t want the hassle associated with moving. You might just be sentimental about your home and not want to move! Either way, it’s good to know you have options to adapt your existing home so it suits your needs if you’d rather stay where you are.

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Extending could mean going outwards with a single or double story brick extension. This could add extra square footage to the downstairs living space and add another bedroom upstairs. You could add a conservatory or orangery which could function as an extra living room, kids room or dining room. You could extend up in to the loft or down into the basement- ideal for an extra bedroom, guest room, office or hobby space. Adding a cool metal staircase or steel stairs for your home in Asheville NC will give it a modern touch as you create that loft or basement space.  There are lots of different directions you could go in so work out what would suit your family and budget.

A Garden Room
Unlike traditional extensions, garden rooms don’t usually require planning permission and can be erected much more quickly and cheaply. Unlike summer houses or outbuildings they’re completely insulated and are fitted with electricity so function as a normal room- just separate to the house. If you have a large garden this is especially useful as it allows you to make the most of the space and add more usable rooms to your home. Again, these work well as a guest room or even an office if you work from home. This can be useful for if you work from home as while you’re still technically at your property, it’s separate from the main house. This can help you to achieve a good work/ life balance.

A Bigger Kitchen
A practical kitchen is essential when you’re cooking for a family, and if yours is cramped and claustrophobic it can cause problems. If you’re unable to extend, consider removing the wall and opening it up that way. Take some space from the living or dining areas and make the kitchen larger. Features like an island and modern appliances like plumbed in fridges with water and ice dispensers can all make life easier. Find the best plumbers, electricians and workmen for the job and you’ll have it done as quickly as possible.

An Extra Bathroom
Are you constantly arguing over the bathroom in the morning? The addition of an extra one can make family life much easier. You could add an ensuite to one of the larger bedrooms in your home, or look to adding a wc downstairs. Places like under the stairs often work well for this and allow you to utilise all of the space in your home.

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