Moms, Ensure Your Children Get Less Plastic Toys And More Meaningful Gifts

It is truly beautiful when the kids get lots of gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations, but sometimes I bet you wish there were less plastic toys that they get bored with within in a week and more meaningful items? Well, I'm here to tell you that there are some methods you can use to help swing the balance of gifts in favor of this, read in to find out what they are.

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Lot of gifts is great, but how many will stand the test of time?

Set boundaries
First of all, it can be super tough for a child to go from piles and piles of gifts to be unwrapped to a few smaller, more significant ones. That is why it's an excellent idea to set gift giving boundaries from the start.

Of course, the boundaries you set are up to you, but it may be that grandparents and other relative are only allowed to gift a single item at a time, or are asked to chip in together for one significant thing.

Alternatively, you can use the rhyme, "Something they want, something they need something to wear, and something to read," to cut down on the number of gifts expected at a celebration, but still ensure that what they receive will please them and be useful.

Make it easy
Of course, sometimes, instead of individual gift items would be much more practical to ask for a contribution to a more long-term goal such as college tuition, a new laptop for school, or even piano lessons. However, the awkwardness of asking for money for these things can often put a lot of parent off doing this.

Luckily, there is a way around this now and its by using an app like Goalsetter which allow you to set a savings goal and then ask others to contribute. It's sort of like what you would do with crowdfunding, but where you get to select the people, you request it from.

Folks that want to contribute don't even have to sign up, as they can purchase a gift card, making it super easier for even the most tech-phobic of grandparents and relatives. Something that should result in less plastic toys on special occasions and more funds to put towards something that could make a meaningful difference in your child's life.

Create your own traditions
Lastly, when it comes to gifting meaningful presents, it can help a great deal to establish traditions in the family. For example, on special birthdays you may wish to buy your child a piece of jewelry that they will get to keep with them and treasure forever.

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In fact, this idea of gifting keepsakes is something that can help you ensure that the gifts you buy for your kids are always significant. This is because the focus shift from the cost to the longevity of the item, and the fact that they will be able to look back on them and remember a positive time with the family.

Who knows, they may even turn into family heirlooms? Then your child will end up gifting them to their children and start a long-term gifting tradition that is more focused on meaning than throwaway items.

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