Best Disney Cruise Activities

It's almost impossible to think about theme parks without thinking of Disney. This entertainment giant has parks in several major cities that let you have fun and release your inner child while enjoying a family travel adventure. In addition to amusement parks, you can have fun on a Disney cruise too. Whether this is your first cruise or you traveled by boat before, you'll want to make time for the best Disney cruise activities. 

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Sail Away Party 

If you've ever seen a film that took place on a cruise ship before, you probably remember the amazing send-off party at the very beginning. Disney boats its own party that it calls the Sail Away Party. You can stand right on the top of the ship with your friends and family as you wave goodbye to those below. You'll want to head up the pool deck and look for the Funnel Vision too. This is the best place to watch Mickey Mouse and all his costumed friends welcome you onboard. 

Pirate Night 

While Disney cruises head to different destinations, those heading to the Caribbean will want to get a good seat on Pirate Night. This event only takes place on Caribbean cruises and encourages guests to let their inner pirates come out to play. You'll see Donald, Mickey and all their friends dressed up as pirates as they put on a live show. Kids will love getting in the mood at The Pirates Lounge. This is a beauty shop on the ship that transforms kids into real pirates. You can pick from different packages based on your budget and the ages of your kids. 

Meet and Greet 

Guests stand in line for hours at Disney parks just to meet some of their favorite costumed characters. You can meet those same characters on your cruise ship without waiting nearly as long in line. Each ship offers different meet and greets that take place on different days. When booking your trip, you can ask about those events and how you can get tickets. While tickets are free, there are only a set amount available for each event. You'll want to get your tickets as soon as possible and show up before the event begins. 

Get Your Golf On 

Depending on the cruise that you pick, you might find a nine-hole golf course located onboard. Officially called Goofy Golf, this course features some simple holes that anyone can handle and some more challenging holes that might seem frustrating to younger kids. Unlike other activities that you need to register for in advance, the golf course is first come, first serve. You'll find both balls and clubs waiting for you at the first hole. Your group can grab supplies and start playing at the first hole. Goofy Golf is a good way to waste an hour in the middle of the day. 

The best thing about booking a Disney cruise is that the activities change frequently. You can take in live shows that will make you feel like you're on Broadway and go for a swim before heading to the kids' club. You'll never run out of things to do on these ships.

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