Fantastic Fall Destinations for Travelers

People often think of vacationing as a summer activity. It's something you do when it's warm, and if you don't live somewhere hot, you're supposed to find somewhere that is. While some people love the cooler weather when fall arrives, others want to chase the warmth wherever they can find it. Even if you do like the crisp air in fall, it doesn't mean that you want to experience it at home. An autumn vacation is a fun way to get away, whether you want to enjoy fall elsewhere or seek out other seasons. Try these destinations if you want a memorable experience.

New England
New England is one of the top destinations for a fall vacation, thanks to the beautiful colors you can find there as the leaves change. If you've never experienced autumn there, it makes sense to do it at least once. To seek out the best places to see some stunning foliage, you can find some fall foliage maps for states including Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire. Other top destinations include Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The foliage typically starts in the north in September and moves south toward the end of October. You might choose an adventurous outdoor experience or perhaps get a more comfortable hotel.

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In the southern hemisphere, spring is beginning as fall starts in the northern hemisphere. This means that below the equator, you can have a pretty different experience at this time of year. In fact, in Chile, it's a fantastic time to go skiing. While everyone else is waiting for the first real winter snow, you could be enjoying some time on the slopes long before they're ready to strap on their skis. There are three resorts just outside the capital of Santiago: La Parva, Valle Nevado and El Colorado. Even though it's spring, the snow is still powdery, and it can feel a lot like winter - but with more sunshine.

Morocco is a vibrant country that's particularly popular with visitors from Europe. It's no wonder when it's pretty easy to get there compared to other African countries. You can even get a boat from Spain, and it only takes around an hour. In the autumn, Morocco isn't too uncomfortably hot, but it's still warm, making it a great destination. Marrakech is always a popular spot, but there are other places to try too. If you're looking for somewhere smaller and quieter, Chefchaouen is about three hours from Fez. Its charming blue buildings are sure to delight you, and there are still plenty of things to do, including souks to explore.

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South Africa
It's spring in South Africa from about September to November, making it a good escape if you're not keen on fall. Cape Town sees average temperatures of up to 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit), and it can get warmer too. As well as the pleasant weather and the blooming plants of spring, you can also enjoy cheaper travel during this time. Even though it's a lovely time of year to visit, it's a bit less popular, which means you can grab some bargains. It's a great time to head to the top of Table Mountain and get some fantastic views, as well as avoid huge crowds.

Some more southern destinations in Europe enjoy some warmer weather in the autumn too. Portugal might not be as large as Spain or even as popular as France, but it's definitely a country that you want to add to your bucket list. The Algarve is a top destination in Portugal, although you might want to explore other areas too. The capital of Lisbon is great for a romantic trip, or you might want to try somewhere like Porto, Aveiro or the island (and archipelago) of Madeira. You can discover historical buildings, arts and culture, fantastic food and much more.

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For somewhere a bit cooler that will still give you plenty to see, Germany is an excellent autumn choice. It's also very affordable at this time of year. However, be aware that if you're thinking about Munich in October, you might want to avoid Oktoberfest, when things will get more expensive. Of course, you might go especially for Oktoberfest, which is arguably the most famous beer festival in the world. Other good choices for fall in Germany include Berlin or anywhere in the Black Forest, where you can find some great fall foliage.

If you're thinking about an Asian adventure, Indonesia is an exciting option. Although, if you want to avoid the wet season, it's best to visit before November. The best way to experience Indonesia might be to rent an apartment or house like the ones at You can stay for longer and enjoy a more authentic experience. Even though beach destinations like Bali and Lombok are popular, don't miss out on the cities, such as Jakarta and Java. Even though it's autumn elsewhere, you can still experience temperatures of at least 21 degrees Celsius.

Autumn is a great time to visit India because there are so many festivals taking place. If there's one thing that India loves, it's a good festival. You can also enjoy the fall foliage changing colors, just like you can in many other countries. If you're thinking about a trip to India, consider the Andamans archipelagos in the Bay of Bengal, which is particularly good for an active trip. Or if you're looking for tigers, head to Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh to catch a glimpse of them.

Although summer is more popular, spring in Australia is a good time to visit too. You might want to avoid the northern regions if you don't want to risk cyclones or other bad weather, though. Things are starting to warm up before it gets really hot, and some destinations are warmer than others. Cities such as Darwin, Cairns and Alice Springs will typically be hotter than Sydney or Adelaide. One of the best things to do is seek out a flower festival, which you can find all over the country, from Perth to Canberra.

Whether you're looking for fall foliage, some spring snow or warmer weather, there are lots of places for you to visit in the next few months.

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