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Managing a chronic illness--or providing care for a patient suffering from a chronic or longterm medical condition is a stressful, time consuming task. This morning, I am sharing my review of the Plot Your Health:  A Journey to Wellness Planner.  What did I think of this health planner?

C.J. Ellisson
Genre: health/medical non-fiction
Publisher: Red Hot Publishing
Date of Publication: September 25, 2018

About the Book

Are you struggling to stay on top of multiple medications and supplements throughout your day? Or maybe your doctor has asked for daily details on your symptoms? Do you miss treatment appointments, or have problems juggling all the details? If you need space to log your steps, moods, hours of sleep, blood sugar levels, or even foods — we've got you covered!

Introducing a one-year wellness planner for managing severe and chronic health concerns! Terrific for parents managing a child’s complex care, teenagers or adults who need to organize their health concerns, or for caregivers and adults managing the care of senior patients.

220 pages in length, with a repeat of multiple tracking pages for twelve months.

Notebook Contents:

Owner’s Info page with room for doctor info, personal data, emergency contacts, allergies and more!

Two pages for Condition Details, room to list six per page.

Four pages of Medicine and Supplement Records, six per page.

Four pages for tracking test results, scans, and blood work throughout the year.

Twelve monthly sections, each with the following:
Undated monthly calendar pages, for jotting down doctor appointments, wellness visits, physical therapy, IV infusions, or whatever you need.

Two Doctor/ Wellness visit pages, for questions to ask at each appointment, room for notes, and an area to jot down tests needed.

Treatment Record pages, with room to track nine treatments per month, plus an extra lined page for notes or more appointments.

A two-page Symptom trackers, each with room to track twenty symptoms for an entire month.

Three-pages per month of Medicine and Supplement tracking grids. Each contains room to track four meds that need to be taken three times a day, and room to track twenty-one meds required twice a day. (This area can be customized for more meds if they are taken only once per day).

Mood-tracking coloring image. Assign a color to a mood and color each section per day according to how you feel.

    Additional two-page grid for tracking sleep, food, blood pressure, habits, blood sugar, oxygen levels... pretty much anything you need! Eighteen spaces to track for each month.

    Two lined pages per month for additional needs.

    Future planning area on the last page for appointments and scheduling for the next year.

    My Review 
    This Planner came at the perfect time.  I generally find that the perfect resources seem to appear in my life at the best times.!  When I initially signed up to review this planner, I had planned to use it for my own personal health tracking of some mild, ongoing arthritis issues and migraines.  While my conditions are mild and fairly easy to manage, I was interested in trying a system for better tracking and data documentation.  Then, one of my daughters developed some sudden health issues that have literally had me on the phone or venturing off to a doctor's visit or lab several times a week.  I began using a few pages of this planner to help me keep better records of her symptoms and dates and medication side effects--and it has been a wonderful resource!  

    This planner helps caregivers and patients make the most of their healthcare visits.  When illness strikes, there are so many thoughts, fears and emotions swirling in the mind of the patient and primary caregiver!  The entire situation becomes quite overwhelming quite quickly.  Using this planner allowed me to make sure that was able to remember all of the many ups and downs of my daughters health between healthcare visits.  It was a great place to write down literally everything that we may need--and allowed me to (at least in part) write it down and forget it.  It was wonderful to be able to simply take this planner to healthcare visits and know that I had answers to the questions that the doctor or specialist had without trying to rely on my tired, overwhelmed memory stores!

    Would I recommend the Plot Your Health:  A Journey to Wellness Planner?  This planner is a must have for anyone managing a chronic health condition! I used the sample sheets--and will be purchasing the 12 month planner to continue tracking all of the many details related to my daughter's ongoing condition. Taking advantage of this planner has made managing her health a little less overwhelming--and I know that I have been going to doctor visits much better prepared than I would have been before using the planner pages.  I highly recommend this planner!

    About the Author

    C.J. Ellisson is a NYT and USA Today bestselling author who writes urban fantasy, mystery, romance, and has ventured into non-fiction with Plot Your Work, the Writer’s Project Planner and Plot Your Health, a Journey to Wellness Planner. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two teenagers, three dogs and two cats—reporting to love the energetic zoo that’s become their home.

    C.J. turned to writing in 2009 when she could no longer work outside the home due to chronic illness, and claims the escape of writing fiction helped save her sanity. A self-proclaimed Lupus and Lyme Warrior, she is working toward getting stronger, putting her Lupus back into remission, and staying healthy.

    Instead of dozens of pills, IVs, exhaustion, and pain, C.J.’s days are now filled with writing, walking dogs, exercising, eating healthy, and leading a novel-writing club in her daughter’s school. It all leads to a fun-filled, busy day, and she’s incredibly grateful to be so involved in life again.

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