Electrical Safety Checklist for this Holiday

Every holiday season, many houses are lit up with lights that are vibrant and decorative to attract people. These lights are like LED lights that have bright illuminated colors and make your house much appealing. If for example, you participate in a Christmas festival, you will need Christmas trees wrapped in LED lights and locate the trees at different points in your home. 

For this to be effective, you need to make a good preparation for your holiday to be nice. You need to make a list of electrical safety tips so that you will be safe from accidents that can be caused by electricity when enjoying your holiday. In order to prevent accidents from happening, consider the 5 things below for enhancing your safety.

Check Electric Decorations Before Use

Whether the decorations you want to use are old or new, you need to check and ensure that their sockets are not damaged. You also have to ensure the cords are tight and check if they have any bare wires before setting the decorations up. If you need to replace a bulb in the Christmas lights, make sure the bulb has a wattage rating that is same as the ones on the set. You should also ensure to turn off all electrical decorations when they are not in use.

Safe Electrical Decorations

Before buying any electric decoration, it is always advisable to buy products from reliable stores and the ones that are certified safe for home use. Don’t risk the safety of your family with a mistake that you could have avoided. Avoid buying the products that are low-priced because they are a bit of low quality compared with higher priced products. Therefore, consider choosing a quality product that will enhance your safety in the house.

Keep Cord and Plugs Well Arranged

Avoid overloading circuits with plugs and extension cords because this overloading can make the circuit to overheat where this can cause fire. A circuit that is overloaded will always blow causing damage to the connected items and this can lead to fire. Avoid running extension cords through doorways, under carpets, and in places where they can be damaged by furniture. Remember to keep the outdoor connections above the ground and out of puddles.

Clear the Clutter Around Your Meters

You should make sure there are no books, envelopes, magazines, and papers around your meter because there can be loose connections in the meter that can set the papers on fire. The areas you should be careful with are under stairs and storage areas. It is always good to call a 24 hour emergency electricians if you realize a problem in your meter.

Keep Your Electrician’s Number

It’s good to have the number of your local electrician so that you cannot have worries in case an emergency occurs. You never know when an emergency can arise as many activities are undertaken in the house during the holiday season. Write the number of your favorite electrician or a list of local electricians in Jacksonville Florida on a paper or save it on your phone so that you can easily call in case an emergency occurs.


The holiday season is a good time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. Make sure your holiday will be joyful and safe for every member of your family if you follow the above tips on electrical safety measures.

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