How to Set Yourself Realistic Fitness Goals for the Winter

We all would like to avoid putting on weight and turning into a couch potato in the winter, but only a few of us have the willpower to stick to a new lifestyle and routine. There are many reasons why people fail at their fitness goals during the winter. First of all, there are simply too many excuses to be found. Second, we often have an unrealistic expectation for our body and stretch ourselves too far. If you would like to reach your fitness goals this winter, check out the below tips.

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Consider the Weather
You need to be realistic when you set your winter fitness goals. No matter how much you would like to engage in rock climbing, the wind might make it too dangerous. At the same time, if you would like to do jogging, you have to try it in the icy wind and rain and decide whether or not it is for you. Thankfully, there are some great fitness activities for the winter you can take part in, apart from the gym. You can take on skiing, bobsleighing, or even visit the ice rink every weekend.

Get Waterproof Clothing
In case you are determined to exercise in the fresh air, you will need to be prepared. You can still go on walks and jogs, even get on your bike, provided that you have waterproof clothing. Go and visit your local outdoor store and find out about the best makes and designs for your chosen sport. After all, the weather itself should not be an excuse not to get out of the house.

Try Fitness Videos

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We all feel like not leaving our homes after arriving from the cold and dark street, and this is why you should give online fitness videos a go. They are fun, and you can plan your workout for every day, based on how much time you have available. Not to mention that you will also save money and time on classes and not having to commute to the gym. Set a new target for each week and increase the intensity and amount of exercise, so you can build up strength gradually.

Set a New Lifestyle Target
You will need to support your body in its transformation through your lifestyle choices, too. Make sure that you cut back on processed food and eat healthier. Focus on your vitamin and mineral intake, so you can replace the amount you are losing while burning calories. You will need iron, zinc, and Magnesium for building muscles and maintain and healthy digestive and immune system while working on your fitness goals.

Aim for that Little Black Dress
It is important that you have a visible and concrete goal, instead of a weight loss one. You might want to shop for a nice dress that you would like to wear for the next party, but get it in the size you would like to achieve at the end of the routine. Try it on every week and see how much closer you are to look great in the size that is perfect for you. A stunning dress you have committed to will keep you motivated more than the best coach in the world.

Don’t Count Pounds; Count Inches
One of the mistakes people make when setting fitness goals is that they are focusing on losing weight instead of losing inches. You might have the perfect BMI index, but still be unhappy with your thighs or your hips. This is why you will need to find exercises that focus on one area of the body, instead of an overall weight loss program.

Toning Up

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If you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, chances are that you simply have to tone up so you get rid of the loose skin. In case you have lost weight in the past, toning up exercises will be great for getting you in shape and making you feel better about yourself. You might find that more focused exercises, such as yoga and Tai Chi will help you build strength and get toned up.

Gradual Strength Building
In case you are determined to smash your fitness goals this year, you will need to cut your body some slack. You cannot go from an inactive person to become a Marathon runner. This is why you have to take it easy and slow in the beginning. If you don’t take your time and allow your muscles to grow, you will cause more damage than good. You need to start with slow moves and make sure that you warm up and cool down naturally.

Make It Less Boring
One of the main reasons why people give up on their fitness goals is that they find the exercise boring. If you are not the person who can go on for 500 reps at the gym, you will need to spruce up your exercise routine. Combine different forms of exercise, and have some fun days when you do Zumba or even Belly Dancing. Don’t do the same exercise every day, or you will lose your motivation very quickly. Have a yoga day, an HIIT day, and one day when you simply walk more.

Avoid Injuries
The main risk of not setting realistic fitness goals for yourself is still injuries. You can pull a muscle if you are not strong enough and prepared to complete the form of workout, and this can have a long term consequence. At the same time. It might be a good idea to assess your limitations and deal with your health problems before you start your exercise routine. Try natural healing and seek chiropractic care for sciatica so you are ready for the challenges in body and mind.

In case you are looking to get fit this winter, and make the most out of the dark nights, you have to stay focused on your goals and find a way to motivate yourself. Find fun and easy forms of exercise first that help you build strength and increase the intensity and length of your workouts gradually to avoid injuries.

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