How to Take Care of Your Child on their First Hospital Visit

Hearing that your child has to go into hospital for the first time can be a stressful situation, but there are easy things you can do to prepare for and get through this time as a family. Your main priority is to make sure your child is able to get through their visit calmly because as nervous as you may be as a parent, your child will not only be going through medical treatment but also be in an environment that they are not familiar with.
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 This guide will help give you the essential knowledge to get your little one through the whole ordeal.

Get the right things together

When your child is going for an overnight stay at the hospital, it is your responsibility to make sure they have everything they need to make the visit go smoothly. Follow this simple checklist to ensure that you are completely prepared.

For you:

  • ·         Photo identification
  • ·         Insurance papers 
  • ·         All forms requested by your child’s doctor
  • ·         A change of clothes
  • ·         Cellphone and charger
  • ·         A book to read

 For your child:

  • ·         Their favorite pillow – While the hospital will provide pillows, making sure your child has their own from their bed at home will help them to feel calm and get to sleep better.
  • ·         Their favorite soft toy – This is for a similar reason to the pillow. Having their teddy bear by their side will help to keep them calm and give them a familiar friend to talk to if they get nervous.
  • ·         A coloring book, novel, or portable tablet – Having a story to read before bedtime and some distractions ready will help your child relax in this new and strange situation.

Getting the right answers

There is lots of online information about what to ask your child’s doctor, but knowing these three main questions will give you a good start:

1.     What does my child need to do before coming into hospital? – Some procedures require people to not eat for a period of time beforehand, take medication, or attend a consultation.

2.     What will happen during the procedure? – While it is not the best idea for your child to hear all the medical details, getting the nitty-gritty from the doctor will give you the tools to explain to them in a child-friendly way and put their mind at rest.

3.    What to do afterward? - Finally, get the doctors to give you specific instructions for how to care for your child when they get home.

Taking the right steps

It is not something you might want to think about, but cases of medical negligence do occur. After their hospital stay, if your child suffers any avoidable complications or reactions to their treatment, you need to contact Minton Morrill Solicitors in Leeds to give you guidance about how to proceed to get your little one justice and compensation, ensuring they get the support they need.

A child going to hospital is never easy, but now you are at least prepared. Do not be afraid to reach out to family and friends, as well as doctors and professionals for additional support. This is a trying time for all parents. 

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