Keeping Your Family Safe on the Road

When it comes to traveling on the road as a family, statistics show that full-size SUVs are the safest choice. Whether you are renting a family vehicle or buying a new one, there are several important factors to consider. The most important, however, is obviously child safety. Doing your homework on car safety and safety regulations in each state is therefore crucial. 

Keep yourself covered and the car well maintained
Make sure you are not one of the 13% of motorists in America who drive uninsured. Having the right insurance will put your mind at ease and, consequently, keep you safer behind the wheel. The latter is even more true when you stay on top of car maintenance. For example, check your tire tread and make sure your tire pressure is correct (especially when first using the car and before long journeys). Finally, when you purchase a car, be sure to have it serviced regularly.

Consider going for an SUV or Renting a Van
Larger, family-sized cars have the best safety record, particularly in comparison to the smaller, sportier models. As mentioned, SUVs are officially the safest, with the Volvo XC60 coming out on top in safety tests. It is worth trying out the latest list of family cars recommended by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The key safety benefits of these cars include their spaciousness, comfortably accommodating families and any accompanying baggage, as well as modern safety features, such as anti-skid systems. You may even find that renting a van with a driver like Mansfield Man with a Van may suit your needs if you are moving across country or taking an extra long family holiday.

Ensure children’s seats are installed correctly
Almost half of children’s car seats are used incorrectly. Failing to strap your child in the car appropriately makes your choice of car far less relevant. Along with ensuring your child is fastened in correctly, you must make sure your child is sitting in an age and weight-appropriate car seat or booster seat. These factors are what can determine whether a child survives an accident or not. Finally, be sure to stay up to speed with the different regulations on child passenger safety in each state.

Do your research
There are various steps to take in order to keep your family as safe as possible on the road. Firstly, research the safety record of any car you are thinking of driving and/or purchasing. Take it for a few test drives and think carefully about how safe you feel in it. Consider a car’s spaciousness and comfort, for example, as well as any safety features that come with it. Stay on top of insurance, car maintenance and, most importantly, safety measures. These things will ensure you are keeping you and your family as safe as possible behind the wheel.

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