How This Winter Could Derail your Finance Goals

The money-train never stops rolling; it’s just that sometimes we’re traveling in first-class and others we’re running behind it, just trying to keep up. As such, you can’t afford - literally - to let your finances run on autopilot at any point during the year, but especially during winter. Though we tend to think of summer as the one when we splash the cash, it’s not the cash - we spend more during the chilly months. Below, we take a look at a number of useful tips to ensure the season doesn’t do more damage than you expected and doesn’t derail your finance goals.

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The Most Expensive Time of the Year
Christmas is the most wonderful time of year...but not for everyone. The companies who sell presents do very well, but the average American doesn’t come out quite so well. The majority of people go into considerable debt just so they can buy presents, decorations, expensive food, and so on. While it’s nice to have these things, they’re not worth risking your long-term financial health for. If you think that you’ll have to go into debt just to afford a good Christmas, change your mindset, and have a more cost-effective festive period this year.

Out on the Roads
There are added risks during the winter, especially out on the roads. With icy conditions and the nights drawing in earlier, there’s an increased chance of being in a crash, which can severely harm your finances. First, make sure you’re taking added precautions before you get out on the roads, including checking that your car is in a healthy condition and you know how to drive in icy conditions. If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then don’t bear the costs all on your own. This lawyer can help you to get the compensation that you deserve. You can’t always prevent being in an accident, but you can ensure that they don’t hurt your bank balance too much.

Staying Warm
In summer, we spend our money on having fun. In winter, we spend our money to stay comfortable. However, it’s important that you don’t blow your monthly budget on staying warm. The costs of heating a home can quickly add up, if you’re not careful. If you’re spending a lot of time in the house and know the heating has to be on, then have it on, but consider lowering the temperature by a few degrees. The idea is to be comfortable, not overly hot!

House Issues
Of course, your home could cost you in different ways. The arrival of winter brings extreme temperatures, and that means that your home could be at risk. Before the real, bitingly cold weather arrives, look at making sure your home is in full working condition. You don’t want to have to spring for the cost of a new boiler or to replace burst pipes, for instance. Also, you’ll be well-served by making your home fun and entertaining. Otherwise, you could find you’re going out to the cinema, bar, or restaurants just to prevent boredom setting in.

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