What are the Greatest Gifts you Could Give?

We often think about gift-giving as a form of corporate exchange. We might find ourselves comparing the dollar value of that we have gifted with that we have received. If someone doesn’t gift us on our birthday this year, we feel less entitled to do so for them when their birthday rolls around. But this is just a habit, something that we all do because it has been marketed to us in the best ways for success. Real gifts have nothing to do with corporate materials, subscriptions or even a dollar value. The greatest gifts in life that we can give to those we love, or those we hope to do good for, are much more hard to pin down. They can be more akin to an art than a science.

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The greatest gifts you could give are easy to consider with a little forethought. They are also the greatest gifts because when you give them, there’s very little doubt that pure love is your intention. Even a rolex studded with diamonds couldn’t rival the gifts in this list. Consider:

Your Presence

Of course, we all have a limited time on this Earth. That means a day spent with someone is a precious thing. Your presence is often that which matters most. Your attentiveness, your care for someone, and hoping to share an experience with them is always the crux of a friendship, which is arguably one of the most pure and wholesome relationships a person can be involved in. It’s quite instructive to see that as a person ages into their golden years, the main priority for them is to surround themselves with their family. They will cherish any time they can spend with their grandkids, or with you. This is why it’s so important to be active with your parents as they age. Presence means the world to everyone. It is perhaps one of the most proven methods of loving someone, as there’s nothing more valuable than your time.

Your Energy

Your presence and energy can be considered two separate things. While it does take energy to be present with someone, to apply yourself to the relationship takes care and consideration. However, this should be limited to the smallest family-based considerations only. Applying your energy in the services of others is a massive and extremely humbling thing to encounter. From those helping desiring families start on their way by contacting an egg donation agency, or volunteering in order to try and help a community with a problem, the human spirit and desire to correct or help is truly one of the purest manifestations of heaven on Earth. Giving your energy in pursuit of your perceived highest good is perhaps one of the most important things you could ever do, so consider how you’re applying it and where.

Your Creative Input

We often consider gifts that have been handmade much more beautiful than those purchased in a store. Think about a store-bought sweater compared to one your auntie has knitted you on the couch for several evenings in a row. We all know which one means more to us, even if the knitted one has a design that you might not consider the height of chic fashion. Consider how you might be applying your creative input to the relationships in your life. Might it be helping your daughter learn the basics of drawing could be worthwhile, or designing a family mural in your home to craft and celebrate over time can often be a tremendous use of your time. Creativity comes from that mystical place of imagination, and uses the power of bringing that into actuality. As such it might be considered an essentially sacred thing, and sometimes even teaching those close to you how to express it can be the most important thing.

Your Encouragement & Support

There’s nothing quite like hearing a word of encouragement and support when we need it most, and we all need it for sure. Not matter what the most confident people in your life seem to express, no one on Planet Earth is 100% sure of themselves. Everyone questions the direction of their life to a certain extent. Sometimes helping someone realize how great of a job they’re doing, or a small pep talk to help them stay positive after suffering a difficulty, or simply a targeted, truthful compliment can help someone’s week improve dramatically, and might give them that tiny little push they needed. Try and be this person.

As you can see, most of these gifts have a grounding in love. With some of these thoughts, you might make 2019 your most emotionally truthful year yet.

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