Decorating For Delivery

There's nothing more rewarding than delivering a gift to someone that they can enjoy at the end of a long day. A cookie bouquet is easy to make, and you can create a design for any occasion. You can get cookie cutters for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or another holiday. An Atlanta cookie bouquet delivery company has options that you can send to someone as well. When you look to a delivery company, think about the kind of cookies that the person might enjoy and when the bouquet needs to be delivered so that you can place the order in time. An option would be to have the bouquet delivered to your home so that you can add your own personal touches to make the gift a bit more special.

If you plan to make the bouquet yourself, then you want to get all of the supplies to have on hand when you're ready to make the gift. Choose a theme for the bouquet, such as the holiday that people are celebrating at the time of year or a birthday. Figure out what cookies you're going to make. Don't make cookies that have ingredients that the person is allergic to or that they might not be able to enjoy because of diet restrictions. Sugar cookies are usually the best option when you're making a cookie bouquet because they are easy to decorate and can usually be consumed by most people.

When you make your cookies, use cutters for the designs that you want to get the edges as clean as possible. Let the cookies cool before decorating them with icing that will stay on the cookie and other details that you want to include. Wrap each cookie in clear cellophane. You can then glue the cellophane to a craft stick so that it's easier to position in a foam block inside the basket that you're going to use for the gift. Contact a delivery service to send the basket to the person you're giving it to, or surprise the person by taking it yourself.


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