7 Personalized Gifts that Make Perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers

The holiday season is a wonderful and magical time – even for moms on the go. With an extensive to-do list around the holiday season, there is no end to the need for creativity and desire to give better gifts than Santa’s elves can create. 

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After the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the next step is to fill them with the best stocking stuffers. These stuffers are fun little additions to the gifts under the tree and can be such a delight to pull out on Christmas morning. Rather than a simple stocking stuffer, take it to the next level with something personalized. A personalized gift is one-of-a-kind and will stand out from all stocking fillers.

1.      Personalized Pop Socket

These little attachments to phones are becoming more and more popular. Everyone appreciates the versatile nature of what is both a phone stand, something to hold onto, and a nice distraction to pop in and out while bored in a meeting.

PopSockets come in an array of designs, but did you know you can find personalized PopSockets too? too? They can feature an image or quote, anything you want!

2.      Custom Socks

Socks are a solid stocking stuffer for anyone. But personalized, custom socks go to the next level.

There are plenty of companies that offer socks that can feature your face, your friend’s face, your dog or cat’s face, and any other number of things. Personalized socks bring fun and uniqueness to the stocking stuffer. Only one person will have that pair of socks! They’ll be so excited to show them off they might forget about the gifts under the tree.

3.      Personalized Coffee Mug

For the tea or coffee drinker in your life, this is a great stocking filler. You can create a one-of-a-kind mug with their name, favorite quote, saying, or image. With companies offering a range of services to make this happen, you’ll have no problem getting a personalized coffee mug. Some companies, like, even offer special holiday-themed customizable mugs.

4.      Custom Sweets

Stocking stuffers typically feature some sweet treats. Rather than throwing in traditional candy canes or a candy bar, why not get something custom?

There are many companies that will create a custom wrapper or even inscribe the candy bar with a personal message. It’ll be such a personal gift that they won’t want to eat it! Well, maybe they won’t.

5.      Customized Planner, Notebook, or Stationery

Help your loved one kick off the New Year right with a customized planner, notebook, or stationery set to get them organized for new adventures. A notebook inscribed with their name will ensure their ideas are kept safe and always find its way back to them.

A personalized planner can reflect their personality and maybe even come with pre-printed important dates, so they can’t possibly forget birthdays and anniversaries. A stationery set might be just what they need to start the New Year on the right foot.

6.      Custom Travel Accessories

For the wanderer in your life, help them never forget where home is. A specially designed luggage tag or passportcase takes their travels to the next level while always ensuring they think of home as they head to the airport. These gifts also make their luggage stand out, helping them to keep track both at home and abroad.

7.      Special Ornaments

This gift might seem like it won’t be useful long, but if they break it out year after year, the sentimental value will make it worth it. A customized and personalized ornament adds to the holiday magic. It doesn’t just have to be an ornament featuring their name! A personalized ornament should also reflect their personality and interests to help the gift remain special.

On top of all these wonderful gifts, don’t forget about the stocking itself! A new, personalized stocking is also a great gift in and of itself. It is something they will return to year after year, reminding them of the magical holiday season that brings families together.

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