Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Projects for the Frugal Homeowner

One of the best ways to save money is to tackle renovation projects without the help of a professional. By starting with easy do-it-yourself projects, homeowners can test the waters without much risk. Simple projects can make the bathroom far more beautiful while adding convenience to the family's daily life.

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Bathroom Sink Back Splashes

If the bathroom seems rather bland or plain, a wall back splash might be the answer. There are many back splash packages sold at home improvement stores which are easy to install. There are also other frugal DIY projects involving cheaper materials, such as flat backed marbles. If the bathroom is to be painted to add an invigorating touch of color, the back splash should be installed afterwards.

Steam Showers

Steam showers were rarely found in private homes until recently. Now, it's possible to build your own steam shower. These systems can build up steam and warm temperatures within a home's existing shower stall, giving homeowners the luxury of steam without having to go to a local gym or spa. They are also easy to install; a DIY steam shower doesn't require professional installation, eliminating the cost of installation.

Wooden Towel Rack

While many bathrooms have towel bars, they might not be located in a convenient place. If the towel bar is out of reach when one steps out of the shower, a wooden towel rack is a great project to start with. If family members take showers frequently in the same bathroom, or if the ThearmaSol system is installed and used in only one bathroom, a towel rack will significantly reduce floor moisture. The rack should be built with daily activity in mind; if the bathroom is regularly used for bathing by three people, there should be three bars for towels on the rack.

Toilet Paper Caddy

In most homes, there is no storage space located near the toilet. This makes it difficult to keep extra toilet paper, hygiene wipes, magazines, and more near the toilet without leaving items on the floor. To solve this, a DIY toilet paper caddy is the perfect answer. The caddy should have a spool for opened toilet paper at the top, with storage for extra paper below it. Most models have a rounded open tube which holds the paper, while others have closed compartments to keep the paper out of site. On the opposite side of the caddy, a bin could be installed to hold magazines or other hygiene items. A caddy adds convenience while eliminating unsightly clutter.

There are many types of DIY projects that add convenience, luxury, and beauty to a homeowner's bathroom. All of these projects are simple enough for even the most inexperienced homeowner.

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