Dreaming Small: Getting Everything You Want From A Garden In Miniature

In an ideal world, the chances are that your garden would be at least an acre. All the better for providing a fun terrain which the whole family can get stuck into. You may imagine lazy afternoons on the lawn, and even a play set tucked into the corner. If you’re going wild, you might imagine a swimming pool where your kids paddle all day. Ahh, the joys of a large outside space when you have a family.

Sadly, budget and location restrictions often mean that this dream stays at that. Instead, you had no choice but to splash out on a house with a garden the size of a shoebox. Or, at least, that’s how it feels. There’s no room for a game of footie out there, let alone a whole playpark for your kids. But, you couldn’t afford a property with any more land attached. When push came to shove, more space inside won out.

Though it may not feel like it now, you made the right decision. Having a home which fits your family is far more important than affording a large outside space. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your life with a yard you can’t use. In reality, there are ways to get the garden you want, no matter how small the area you’re working with. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate these large-garden factors into your tiny outdoor space.

Play areas

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Let’s not beat around the bush; there’s no way you can squish so much as a fixed swingset into a space like this. It just wouldn’t work. Even if you managed to get it in, there would be no room for swinging. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still provide a fun and kid-friendly outdoor play area for your little ones. All you need to do is consider more portable ways of making this work. Your best bet would be to invest in outdoor toys which you can clear away when no one’s playing. There are plenty of fun outdoor games and activities which are portable and easy to pack away. By sticking a toy box in your garage, you can create a play area which needn’t take up any permanent space in your garden. That way, your kids can head here whenever they fancy some time outside. If you know where to look, you may even find portable swings and slides. These could create the illusion of playpark with none of the wasted space. All you need to do is make sure that they know to put those toys back when they’re done with them. Who said a small garden had to hold you back in any way?

Swimming pools

If you don’t have the space for a fixed swing set, there’s no chance you’re going to have room for a full-blown swimming pool. It doesn’t get much larger than this, after all. But, that doesn’t mean that your soaking dreams need to go down the drain. Instead, why not consider a hot tub? Even if a swimming pool is off your cards, you may find that something like this six person hot tub fits into even your small space. A hot tub party wins out over a pool party, anyway, doesn’t it? The heat in something like this even means you can all head outdoors once night has fallen. You could argue, then, that this is sure to get even more use than a swimming pool would. If you don’t have the space for something like that, you could again take the idea of using something portable. There are plenty of easy and portable pools out there. There are even some substantial inflatable pools which could serve your needs here. While they may not be quite what you had in mind, these offer the same benefits as a standard pool would. Your kids will get to play in them until their hearts are content. And, when you’ve all had your fill, you’ll be able to empty them and free up that space in an instant.

Elaborate flower displays

Often, the most extensive gardens seem to have the most impressive flower displays. They have room for endless flowerbeds, after all. If you tried the same in your garden, your lawn would soon turn into a mess. You don’t have enough grass on offer to turn any of it over to this cause. But, you did so have your heart set on elaborate flower designs. You imagined teaching your kids all about the different flowers outside. You dreamt of looking out the window at a color explosion. And, that can still be your reality if you think outside of the box here. In truth, flowerbeds are by no means the only ways to incorporate color and variety. Instead, you could get creative with plant pots. By putting bright and vibrant flowers in these, you add the most interest while taking up the least space. You could even grow flowers on trellises against your fence. This is a fantastic option as it takes up next to no floor space at all. That means this can add the color you crave so much, without hindering your yard in any way at all.

Seating areas

Lastly, many of us imagine sitting outside to eat our meals or enjoy the space we’ve created. Most outdoor seating sets take up a fair amount of floor space, though, so you assumed this was off your cards. Again, you’re wrong. While traditional options aren’t available to you, taking seating off the floor could still see you enjoying al fresco meals. Options like hammocks or hanging chairs are bang on trend at the moment. Even better, both will leave your outdoor floor space clear. If you want a stylish and convenient seating area, then, these are the way to go. You could even host summer barbecues in the smallest garden space once you put these in place. Size really doesn’t need to be an issue. 


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