The Costs to Apply an Epoxy Floor

Renovations to your home or property can brighten the area and make it seem like new again. At least at eye level. Look beyond the updated lighting fixtures and go past the new furnishings. Focus your eyes on the concrete floor that is full of stains and cracks. When you do, the rest of the space may not seem as bright anymore.

The Solution is Epoxy

The solution to this problem is not pouring a new concrete floor. That takes time and a good deal of money. Instead, the floor can be repaired and sealed through an epoxy treatment. This coating sold through companies like Floorguard is an adhesive spread across the existing concrete. After it dries, it creates a shiny shield against further damage or stains. The benefits are many. First, the floor's life is extended thanks to the coating. Second, spills can be easily cleaned with a soft bristle broom or a mop and warm soapy water. Third, epoxy floors come in a number of patterns and colors to match other areas of your property.

The Cost of Epoxy

While this sounds great, you have a budget to keep. Thus, you need to know how much it costs to apply an epoxy floor to your property. While we don't have the exact costs, we have some ideas on what can cause the price of installation to rise or fall.  

Area -- This is going to be your baseline price per square foot. In most cases, the cost to cover an average two-car garage measuring 720 square feet is going to be much less than applying a floor to a factory floor measuring 7,200 square feet. In addition, the treatment used in the factory is going to be stronger than the one in the garage due to its purpose.  

Repairs -- Cracks, chips, and uneven areas need to be smoothed out prior to application. This can add to the cost.  

Colors and Patterns The more unique these are, the higher the potential price. Research all aspects before choosing the floor for your property and considering the cost to epoxy floor .

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